does anyone have enfamil coupons?!

irishkeddyJanuary 23, 2007

ack! am going through a mini crisis as the cost of formula is staggering~ I would greatly appreciate it if someone can tell me whee to find or send me some coupons~ thanks!

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Irishkeddy, this is how I dealt with the costs of formula. I registered at the Enfamil, Nestle Good Start, and Similac sites. Then I used the coupons I didn't need to trade for the ones that I did need. Craigslist was a good place for me to trade, but there are other places that work as well. Don't trade with people who don't live near you, though, more than likely you won't receive your end of the trade. I also found that Enfamil was the most popular formula, so if possible, you might try switching to a different brand for better bargaining. By switching, I found a better formula for my baby, it reduced spit-ups and gas significantly. What I finally ended up with was Nestle Good Start Essentials, and Nestle Good Start Essentials 2 (4 month or older). The ladder was cheaper and bigger than the first. Also, Nestle gives $11.00 checks, where as Enfamil starts at about $6.50, and dwindles down to one dollar. Hope this helps!! Christy

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Formula is highly regulated. There isn't much difference between formulas. Try switching to a generic brand. I breastfed my children and then switched my oldest to formula after I quit because he still had reflux. That was about five years ago. Anyway, Wyatt (or something like that) had a recall and we found out that they were making most of the formulas and sticking different labels on them. I know at that time they were making the Wal-Mart brand, Kroger brand and one of the big brands like Enfamil or Similac. The store brands are a lot cheaper than name brand and there is no need to pay extra if it is all the same stuff.

Ask your pediatrician about it next time you visit. While you're there, ask for free samples. Your obgyn may have samples of it too.

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I agree with you adellabedella. I did try the Taget brand, but I found it difficult to mix. The NSG Essentials 2 I was talking about was $13.00 for the big 32 oz. size, and with an $11.00 coupon, I was buying them for 2 bucks!! The coupon is technically for the Supreme line, but it was always accepted for the Essentials. No one ever called me on it :) On their website you have to look for it, but it is there. It also says that compared to NSG Supreme with DHA & ARA (26 bucks for the 25 oz.) they are very similiar, the latter just has comfort proteins. I found that the expensive stuff had too much iron, baby girl had SMELLY stools that were green and blue. I read that was a sign of too much iron. Also, the Essentials still includes the DHA $ ARA, they just want you to buy their more expensive stuff. And, it easily mixed in ice cold water. Hope you find something that works! Christy

Here is a link that might be useful: Nestle Good Start

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