Callout to Faron about cabinet paint

nanny2aJuly 7, 2011

I've got some questions for you about Ace Cabinet and Trim paint, for use on my kitchen cabinet renovation that I'm doing this summer. Could you reply or send me an email, please?

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Sent ya an email thru GW Thur. night...


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Awwwww, when did our forums become secret? Faron, tell us about Cabinet paint, for those who need to know!! Pleeeaseeee

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faron and funcolors

please just ignore 'ionized' and please continue to share your knowledge with us all. Thank you both so much. I have learned so much from both of your posts.

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Some here may be tired of my babbling about these "kinda obscure" paints.....?!?!?!?

Debbie & Claylady-
If ya search this forum, you'll probably find LOTS of my ramblings about the stuff!

I kinda like Ionized's "Devils advocate" questioning...


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Faron, I love your information and opinions about those obscure paints... I want to use the best quality paints, not the ones that are so heavily advertized to make us think that they are the best and that's why I drove over one hundred miles to the paint shop in Warrenton VA where they carry FPE, C-2 F&B and BM and I spent $200.00 in F & B sample pots. I was talking to the paint guy there about painting cabinets with BM... and he told me he thought the FPE paints were the best for cabinets and that BM is a close second So again thank you (and fun colors) for educating me.

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Lori A. Sawaya

Awww, :) it's my pleasure to share what I know about paint and color. ((hugs))

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