Baby's eye color....question #3

AspenEJanuary 17, 2002

Hey, it's me doesn't look too busy today, so I hope you don't mind if I take up some space with a few of my questions. What color/shade where your baby's eyes at birth, did/when did they change and to what color. My son is 10 weeks and was born with very very Dark eyes, but in the light you can tell that they are just dark blue, almost like a dark midnight/navy blue. I have brown eyes and my husband has hazel eyes. I think Logan's eyes will turn brown, but I am not sure. We both have blue eyes in our family, but not nearly as dark as Logan's. Is it true that there eyes turn by the time they are 1 and then they stay that color?


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This board is never busy any more and I HATE it, I'm having withdraws, I feel like all my friends have died or something.

But anyway, my son's eyes were dark blue at birth and now 7 months later they are sparkly blue. My doc said they "usually" set by six months...

My husbands are green and mine are brown. But my dad has blue eyes and even though only 1 out of his 3 kids have blue eyes, all 5 of his grandkids do......

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I have also heard that by 6 months the color should be pretty set. I also heard that most babies are born with some shade of blue eyes, and if they are a darker blue, they tend to not stay blue and may turn brown, hazel or green. Logan's eyes were bright blue when he was born and I got all excited and said "oh, he's got blue eyes!" and the nurse said, don't get too excited, all babies are usually born with blue eyes. So I didn't get too excited, but they just kept getting bluer and bluer. He is still only 4 months, but I am pretty sure they will stay that color. If your Logan's are darker blue, there is a chance they will change!


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My DD was born with dark blue eyes and it took a long time for me to tell what color they were going to be. They just looked dark, I can't really explain it. Not dark blue, exactly, just dark. And they stayed that way for a long time, then by the time she was about 20 months old they finally settled into their current color-- light brown. Everything I read said that eye color should set by 6-12 months, but hers definitely took longer.

Now my 3 month old DS has dark blue eyes as well... we're just waiting to see what happens with them!

Note: My DH has dark blue eyes and mine are green.

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My DS didn't stand a chance of not having blue eyes, everyone in my family has blue eyes(and have for several generations)and everyone on hubbys side does too. He was born with dark blue eyes and they turned lighter within 3 months. The only suspense for us was to see if he got DHs more greenish blue or my gray-blue. Looks like he's got mine.


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My son was born with the darker color grey eyes and so I thought they would turn out to be hazel like his fathers. They turned a very pretty blue at around 3 months. I have blue eyes, but they don't look like mine. They look like my brothers'.

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I have green, my husband has blue and we have a daughter with brown eyes too! It's seems strange but a nurse that had minored in genetics explained to me how it happened. There are only two genes for eye color: brown & blue. When a person has green eyes, they have a blue eye gene from one parent and a brown eye gene from another. They mix together and what occurs is called "incomplete dominance". In other words, the brown, being the dominant gene, doesn't completely dominate the blue they kind of meet half way so to speak and create green. Because a green eyed person is a carrier of a brown eye gene and a blue eye gene, they can pass either gene on to a child and have a child with brown eyes. I have three kids. The oldest has brown, middle has blue and we're waiting to see what my three month old will end up with. So far she's staying blue. I was kind of hoping one of my kids would get my green eyes. I've only met three other people in my 34 years that have similar avacodo green eyes as me. It's definitely not as common as blue and brown. My mom tells me I was three or four years old when my eyes turned from blue to green. She said it happened so late and so gradually that she was completely caught off guard. My husbands ex-stepmom has a portrait of herself when she was four or five and she had bright blue eyes, sometime in the years after that her eyes turned almost brown, with just a touch of green to them. Weird, huh?

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This may sound very strange, but my daughter's eyes changed color when she was five. They were blue and now they are green. I guess it's hereditary because her father's eyes did the same thing at that age.

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I have hazel eyes, really a dark green with brownish flecks. DH has blue eyes, the bluest blue you can imagine. DD was born with dark grey eyes, and they have turned a lighter grey like my father's eyes.

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Nyomi's 9 weeks old and has beautiful blue eyes...who knows if they will stay...
DH and I have brown eyes but his dad has great blue eyes and my moms are green!
I hope they stay, but she'll be beautiful either way.

love, jami

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I have brown eyes & my husband has hazel. we both have both green & blue eyes in our family. Daughter was born with with blue grey/navy eyes (all caucasions are born with blue eyes & eyes can only turn darker not lighter as pigment is acquired not lost). She's almost 7 mos old & her eyes are still blue & we're hoping they'll stay.

My sister & husband also have 2 blue eyed daughters (& neither of them have blue eyes), but my sister has found that her daughter who is 3 years old her shade of blue has recently changed.

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I've not heard the 6 months thing, someone actually told me it can take until 2 years for baby's eyes to decide what color they want to be...Timberly's were blue-green when she was born, they are now I guess some sort of hazel shade, they change from blue to green to brown depending on what she's wearing...My eyes are DARK brown (we're talking almost black, and they were dark brown (not blue) when I was born) and her *ugh, I hate calling him this* "father's" were a very pretty green (but I've always thought dark was dominant over light, I don't have any light colored eyes in my family (we're german and cherokee!)...

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Well, I am african-american as is my husband and we both have dark brown eyes. Our daughter was born with blue/grey eyes. She is 8 mos. old and we keep looking at them to change, so far they are still the same blue/grey. My dad had green/hazel eyes (and my step-sister too) and my DH's brother has blue/grey eyes so there is a chance that her eyes will remain blue. Never thought I would have a blue eyed kid! If the color holds, she will definately stand out.

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My husband's eyes were brown as a child and when he applied for his first driver's license. When he next went to renew it, the clerk said "What do you mean brown? Your eyes are green!" And now they are...

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My daughter's were very dark blue until around 18 months. They've since lightened to a much lighter shade of blue. Christy :)

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copy and paste this link; it will tell you what color eyes your children will have by percentages. It's really fun, it's free, instant results in literally seconds. Enjoy!

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I tried the link. Wow, it was fun! I will be using it with my 7th grade science students when they start studying genetic/herdity. Thanks!

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i have honey brown eyes, my husband has hazel eyes, my son was born with gray eyes but sometimes they look dark blue or olive green.. my grandmother, uncle, aunts and cousins on my moms side have blue and green fact one of my moms sisters has two different eye colors. one of her eyes is blue and the other i believe is husband's little sister and father both have hazel eyes and his mother has honey brown eyes..what are the chances of my son having colored eyes?

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My brother's eyes changed color when he was a teenager. They were sky blue with a sunburst gold center. Now they're hazel.

My son is 6 months old and his eyes still seem to be changing. They aren't a color yet. Grayish-brownish-greenish-blueish. I'm guessing he'll end up with hazel eyes. Right now they remind me of swamp water, LOL.

We don't know what color his hair is, either. The black hair he was born with fell out and the new growth is blonde, red, brown, according to the light.

For the record, I have dark brown hair and eyes, my DH has blonde hair and blue-green eyes. We have all shades on both sides of the family. My son may just be an amalgam.

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Just saw the date stamp. So, if you're still around... what color are the eyes now?

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When I was born my eyes were so dark blue they were black. They changed to a light blue which changed to a crazy green hazel golden color when I was 9.

My kids have 1.bluest blue that changed to greenish blue hazel 2 olive green 3. blue blue that turned to blueish green hazel.

Thier father has the bluest eyes of anyone I've ever met.

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I thought all kids were born wiv blue eyes,i have blue eyes my partner is half black,my daughters were born with blue eyes but changed to brown within weeks,but my son is almost 11 weeks old and are an amazin blue,but my freinds son is five and they are changin from blue to green at the moment so the sixth month thing isnt always the case

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My baby's eyes were bright almost Paul Newman blue, then got a little darker and in the last few weeks they are more dark grey-blue and he's almost a year old now.

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My daughter, who is now 5 yrs old, has very light blue eyes but she was born with the typical dark blue. So I guess eyes can go lighter somehow. My husband's whole family has blue eyes and mine are hazel. Our baby son, now 5 months, was born with the dark blue eyes but they still haven't changed. The only difference I have noticed is that they do have some yellow colouring around the pupil. That happened around 2 months of age and they haven't changed much since except getting slightly lighter. I wish I remembered when my daughter's eyes changed.

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My brother's eyes have changed all through his life. As a child and young adult, his eyes were brown. At some point mid life, they changed to hazel. Now as he enters his 70s, they are a bright, sparkling blue. His driver's license has been wrong more than right.

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My husband has bright blue eyes and so does my son. I have green eyes with the outer line blue. Is that because the sky blue eye color dominated.

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Hiya! I have a 1 month old baby boy,
I couldn't really tell what color was his eyes only because his been in NICU from when he was born augusta 24, 2011 to september 10, 2011
Anywho my papa side of his family has blue eyes my grandma side had brown but not one of us has blue eyes.
My husband has green eyes and his side only the boys have green eyes,
I have brown.
I asked the nurses what do they think? They said it's gonna be green, idk.. Because I can't tell it changes color from dark brown, light brown, dark geen, and gold crazy huh... What I'm trying to say is my side of the family are really strong wit brown eyes and my husband side are really strong wit green.

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my son was born with blue eyes and at 6 months i began to notice one of them was getting greener. and for a while he had one blue eye and one green eye. but he now has one blue eye and one brown eye and they have been that way since then, he is 2 and a half now.

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