babies ingrown toenails...question #2 :)

AspenEJanuary 17, 2002

When looking at Logan's two big toes it seems that part of his nail is ingrown. It has actually looked that way since he was born, although they both look slightly better now than they did then. Is this normal? I keep forgetting to ask the doctor because we always have other "bigger" things we are talking about when I go there. I have never had an ingrown nail myself so I don't really know what to do to take care of them. Looks like it could hurt.

On the same note, I was following advice I read in a book and I was gently biting off his fingernails when he slept in my arms so that he wouldn't wake, and it was working perfectly...until I decided to use those baby finger nail clippers. The other day after church I started cutting his nails and on the 4th one he let out a wail and I had cut a huge CHUNK out of his tip of his finger! It was bleeding so much, I was freaking out, he was screaming and rubbing his hands all over his face (getting blood everywhere) I picked him up and we both had blood all over our white shirts from church, THEN my husband comes in and sees us all bloody and starts freaking out. We had to hold a washcloth on his finger for 30 min to get it to stop bleeding. Logan fell asleep after about 5 minute of crying. Poor guy. We put an adult bandaid on his finger, it looked so cute, but I felt horrible...anyway, I think for now I will just go back to biting them off, as gross as that sounds, because there is much less blood shed and fewer tears that way!

Thanks for any advice on the ingrown toenail thing too...


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Goodness, poor baby and poor Momma too. I use the baby clippers for my son's finger and toe nails and have never had even a pinch.

But his toes look like that too, he is 7 months old now and they are looking better, so I'm thinking they just have to grow right and it will take a little time???

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Don't really know much about ingrown toenails ... but about the fingernails. My nephew was very fidgety as a baby and no one could cut his fingernails, so I started using a small nail file on them and that has always worked better. Maybe this is obvious, but my brother thought it was a great idea so I thought I would share.

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My DD toe nails seemed mushed on one edge but then almost 90% straight up on other. Very hard to cut.

Was using baby nail scissors but now use clippers. I push on her finger tips to get the nail to come away from pad before cutting and usually only have to cut 1 part of nail not whole thing. Have to cut very often though.

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My son had funky looking toenails, too. They looked like they were growing into the skin. In fact, his fingernails were the same way when he was born. But now they are pretty much normal (he's 3 1/2 months). I bet it isn't painful, it just looks odd.

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Hi, Aspen!!! Don't feel too bad about accidentally nicking his finger. I did it to my younger daughter while she was still in the hospital (we're talking maybe a day old!) : P
Boy did I feel bad about that. The nurse said to use an antibacterial cream and cover her hand with a sock or mitten (they don't like bandaids on infants because they can swallow/inhale them as they chew on their hands/fingers).

Hope he heals real quick!!! : ) Laya

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My doctor said baby toenails often look ingrown but usually aren't. I haven't even looked at all at Nyomi's much and when I do, they are still too short to cut.
I cut her fingernails with a great baby nail clipper with a big bulb/holder thing at the end so it's super easy to grip and control. I actually enjoy the challenge of it for some reason and have not *yet* cut her.

My only advice, and i hope it makes sense in writing is to:
push back the nail from the finger and make sure that you just have you really have to look (i know how small those darn fingers are), and then cut.
That may not make sense, but I know how hard it can be!

I'm sure a lot of people have done it! Some people put gloves on their babies because they are nervous about cutting their nails...

love, jami

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I asked my Ped. about my son's big toe nails, because they did look red, like ingrown nails. The Dr. said to gently massage the nail after a bath, when the nail was soft. I also don't cut those too short. At 10 mos the problem isn't as bad as it was when he was younger. Do you have an advice nurse you can call at the Dr's office to ask?

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