Wet diapers during the night-10 week old DS

AspenEJanuary 17, 2002

I don't change DS diaper overnight unless he ever fully wakes up which he doesn't. I just wait until morning. He doesn't poop over night either, otherwise I would change it. Normally when I change it at 6:15 am it is VERY heavy because it hasn't been changed since 8:30 or so the night before. However this so morning, when my husband brought him down to me (I was already up getting ready for work downstairs), and I went to change him, I had to holler out to my husband and ask if he had changed him in the last 1/2 hour or so. He was HARDLY wet at all. His diapers had been wet at daycare and all, he didn't seem sick. I started thinking back and I realized that after I fed him last night before bed, he was awake for a while (usually he drifts off shortly after eating, we might "talk" for a few minutes) but last night he was awake for about 1/2-1 hour after his last feeding. I then changed him and just rocked him in the chair with his binkie while I watched tv and he fell asleep. He also didn't wake up to eat at 3-3:30 like usual either, I just nudged him and pulled him close at 4:30am to eat so i could get out of bed at 5 to get ready for work. (we co-sleep so I didn't really have to wake him up..just wanted to feed him so he didn't wake up hungry while I was in the shower downstairs). So really from bed time till that 6:15 diaper change he just had a small "snack" at 4:30, is that why the diaper was so light...? that is the only explanation I can come up with. I am planning to ask his daycare provider about his diapers today. Do most of your babies have pretty wet diapers over night? I know once they are toddlers and close to being potty trained they can start holding it more over night, I just didn't know if babies ever peed less during the night, or if it is just a coincidence based on the feeding times last night. Thanks for your insight

Aspen (Logan)

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My DD is 12 weeks and sometimes she has light diapers in the am and sometimes they are really wet because I don't usually change them unless she wakes up fully during the night either. Of course she usually waits until I have changed her and then as soon as the new diaper is on lets loose.

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