constipated breast fed babe

mollyjaneaJanuary 23, 2006

my daughter's 3 week old is constipated and having painful bm's despite mom's healthy diet and successful nursing. babe has no other issues. any ideas? thanks, mja in ri

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How do you know she is constipated? It is rare for an infant who is breastfed to become constipated. If she truly is, there may be something else wrong and you should seek professional help.

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Breastfed babies can have bm's as infrequently as once a week. And it is common for babies to make faces and cry while having a bm - that doesn't mean that they are constipated, though. I went around and around on this with my mother-in-law when my son was young. She was from an era of feeding babies canned milk and corn syrup mixture, thought babies had to have bm's every day or they were constipated. Not saying that is you - but just that a 3 week old baby that is nursing successfully would have a hard time being truly constipated. At 3 weeks old - however - it is important for the baby's sake that any and all concerns should be directed to the baby's pediatrician. ~ Suzie

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actually, it was my dd thinking her babe was constipated, i told her what you folks told me! lol, should've said that earlier i suppose...she has been to pedi and was assured that all is well. thanks for your concern and sorry i wasn't more clear. mj

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