Taking long trip with baby, can you help me? :)

AspenEJanuary 29, 2002

My husband and I are considering taking a vacation with some friends this May, probably a 7-10 day trip sometime during the last two weeks of May. My baby, Logan, will be six months old on May 7th. We will be driving from NE to San Antonio, and then on to Corpus Christi TX. The distance in hours from here to San Antonio is about 14 hours. We may stop in Oklahoma City to visit the memorial and maybe stay there. The details aren't definite. My friends have a minivan that seats 7. There would be seven of us...4 adults, our baby, and their two daughters. We have all ridden in there together before so I know we fit. However, I was thinking that due to space maybe my husband and I would drive separately so we all have more room. We can take turns riding wherever. For a while the guys can have the car while us ladies and the kids/baby ride in the van. Not sure. Tell me what you think about that part..one car or two? My real question is just about traveling with a baby that age. I know many people have done it, my cousin had a baby the day before me and when he was 7 weeks she drove from Kentucky to Nebraska, stayed here for a while, then drove to Arizona, and then back to Kentucky...in a car also with her husband and 19 month old daughter. So I know it can be done, but I just don't want to lose my mind doing it. Have any of you traveled with a six month old? What are they doing at that age? Will he be okay in the car seat that long? I mean I know for the sake of him, and the other little girls (ages 4 and 5) we will need frequent breaks. Will it be a huge hassle? Is it worth it? We really want this vacation, but we also want it to be enjoyable? Also for any of you in TX is the heat unbearable in May? I have been there many times, but always in October or March. Please give me ANY suggestions and advice that you think might help us make some important decisions about this trip. Thanks so much.


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I would do 2 cars b/c with 7 people for that long, you're going to have a lot of luggage plus stroller, carseat, etc. I took DD on plane at 2 months but have no idea how well a long car ride for 6 mo. would be. Seems easier when they're younger as they sleep more. My DD is 7 mo. and no longer enjoys even short car rides.

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Having an extra car gives a lot more options. It may or may not be 'needed' but it can still give people a sense of relief if that is ever needed. If not relief exactly, it's sometimes nice to break the monotony of long rides/drives by switching vehicles too.

6 month olds usually require some adult attention. They'll need some talking to or singing to, and some familiarity to orient themselves. They might or might not get carsick (usually those kinds of problems show up later though if they occur). If they get pushed past their personal point of endurance though, they will cry and need more intensive soothing. Some of that can be avoided by having an assigned adult sort of monitor the baby's apparent stress level.

Basics would be some way to isolate and travel with (if necessary) dirty diapers until the next stop. Teething, and basic infant pain relief supplies. Sunscreens for infants or extremely sensitive skin, and hats and/or baby sunglasses or sun shades. Also, for the adults take at least one special comfort indulgence. That can help extend the adult's endurance if that's needed. It is sometimes hard for 4 and 5 year old verbal developing children on long car trips and they will need to be verbal and probably to take play breaks (they should have activity-related toys like frisbees or jump ropes or balls; anything that will help them to get a little physical exercise --the adults might be able to benefit from their own exercise too if possible).

It's more of a hassle than travelling as a single adult probably, and maybe even than travelling as a couple of adults sharing a relationship, but it's probably worth it. The trick to not losing one's mind is to recognize the symptoms of impending problems and to act proactively to take relaxation steps or to improve the problematic situation. (Allow everyone to be at the age and stage they are, and to have the personalities, thoughts and feelings they all have naturally (including yourself). Then, try to work with everyone as they are, and not how they 'should' be and things should be enjoyable.)

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Wherever I go my bag has the following - changing stuff, fresh clothes, food and spoons, cartons milk - if you're not breastfeeding, bottles and a sip-cup, bottle of water for sip cup, bibs, toys, pain relief, teethers.

We went on an 8 hour trip when mine was about 7 or 8 months old and it was fine.

Take a stop every couple of hours unless they're asleep when you can just keep driving :). It's good for them to get out of the child seat to stretch their legs and have a wander.

Take some music with you and have singalongs.

I agree with the others as well - 2 cars would be best.

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If I may point out....this thread is almost 7 years old.

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LOL! Logan's probably in 2nd grade by now!!

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