My feet hurt

AspenEJanuary 14, 2002

I heard that due to all the ligament loosening and stretching during pregnancy, that sometimes women's feet end up "different" or bigger. My shoe size did go from a size 8 to 8 1/2. I have been working out for some time now, wearing my sister in laws shoes that were too big. I borrowed them when I was pregnant and REALLY swollen. Now that I am normal again, I bought some new work out shoes the other day. 1st of all, it took forever to find a pair that even kind of felt good. I used to run track and cross country and could pretty much wear any brand, although Nike was my favorite. Now, after I just worked out on my lunch break in my NEW shoes that I THOUGHT were soft and comfortable, my arches are killing me. Have any of you experienced this post-partum? I know I just need to keep searching for that "perfect" shoe, but I am just wondering if it is out there. Let me know if you can relate or sympathize. Maybe I am just getting whiny in my old age...just kidding. (I'm 24) :)

Thanks a bunch,


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my feet don't hurt but sometimes my legs do or my back or my side (dr. says it's because everything is moving back in it's place)...
ugh! i def. sympathize and think it's normal. I hope i'm not getting whiny in my old age either (24 too:)
you work out! your a better woman than me:)

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I can't relate to the feet thing, but I definately thing pregnancy took something out of my wrist. I've been using computers ever since I started college (bout 4 years ago) and now that I've had Timberly, my WRIST HURTS! So bad, it started right after she was born, now it's to the point where I'm about to schedule a dr's appointment ("Yes, Dr. soandso, I need to make an appointment, my wrist hurts!"), but it's so bad I can barely pick up Timberly with that side *ARRGGHH*

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My goodness...that wrist thing would stink. And like Jayme, it's not just my feet I always ache. I was just complaining about my hips aching last night. Whew, it's reasuring to see that I am normal. Well, at least as normal as the rest of you! :) Jayme, we seem a lot like. We are the same age, I think our babies are Very close in age...Logan was born on the 7th of November, and on that post about babies crying, you sounded just like me...not wanting them to cry too long...oh and Timberly's Mom, I remember that you responded positively to my co-sleeping post, wow, three peas in a pod...all with aching bods! Thanks girls!


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lol, certainly (I am getting up there in age as well!! I'll be *gasp* 22 in April!! lol) I have become much more of a whiner than before I was a mommy...I thought "Man, if I can make it through labor, I can make it through anything!" Now I say, "I made it through labor, I'm not a wimp, but I don't have to prove myself again for a loooong time!" :)

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cool! phoebe was born on the 6th of November! that's so neat. i would love to keep in touch after Feb.
are you joining?

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I haven't decided...I was going to wait and see what everyone else does, I would certainly love to keep in touch after February also! Not trying to pry too much but what part of the US or Canada do you live in? I am in Nebraska. I am a high school Spanish teacher...for now. When school lets out in May I won't be coming back though..miss my Logan too much!!


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you can pry as much as you would like! i live in Virginia and i'm lucky to be able to stay at home with my little darling. that's great that your gonna stay home with Logan!:)
let me know if you plan to stay, if it seems like everyone else will then i will too.
talk with ya later. please feel free to e-mail me at any time.

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hey girls! Aspen, sounds like we have a lot in common, too. At least our feet do! My feet seem to be the same size, but I think they have gotten wider. Not that trying to find size 11 shoes to fit my ski-length feet was hard I have to find them in WIDE! All of a sudden, any time I wear closed toed shoes, I get these horribly painful ingrown toenails, on a lot of my toes, at least 4 right now, so I have to wear open toed shoes. It sucks and if you have ever had an ingrown toenail you know they are so annoying!

I guess I am allowed to be whiny in my old age b/c I am a whopping 25 yrs old!

Oh, also, my little one's name is Logan, too!! He was born on September 12th...the day after the attacks! I was surprised to see his name on your post b/c it isn't that common, but I love that someone else liked it enough to name their son that, too!

Best wishes to you, your little Logan, AND your feetsies!

Andrea (and Logan!)

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Just a note on the shoe sizes. My feet did increase during my pregnancy (DD is 4 now). I never got organized enough to weed out the too-small shoes. Then suddenly, a full 11 months after birth, my feet went back to normal! I was back in pre-pregnancy size. So --- if your feet are bigger after pregnancy, be sure and wait before giving away all your shoes, just in case :-)

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I knew there was someone else here with a son named Logan, and I new that he was a little older than mine, I just couldn't remember I nephew Ethan was also born Sept 12th, what a bright spot in your life after Sept 11.! Quite a few of us are young around here, I didn't realize that...not that the rest of you are old! Don't get me wrong :) ! Glad to see I am not the only one with foot problems... I thought this was going to be one of those posts that no one answered! Even though we have gone off on a little tangent, oh well, I have made some new friends!! Have a good day all! Thanks TREKaren for your reply also... I won't be throwing my shoes away!

Aspen (and Logan)

PS. Andrea and Timberly's mom, where are you from?

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i have thefeet thing - not necessarily getting bigger but hurting. i also had the wrist/elbow thing - very common. i had to get a cortisone shot in elbow when dd was 8 wks b/c was having trouble holding her & her car seat/carrier. now i have pain in my thumb area on that same arm & i think it's related - going to the rheumatologist next wk.

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I am from is so nice right now, nothing like a 70 degree winter! But it makes me fearful of the summer. There will be nothing, however, to compare to being 8 months pregnant in August in Phoenix! 115 degree temp is ridiculus, ESPECIALLY when you are full term. I think I may plan it a little better the next time around!


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Aspen, I'm from the southeast, maybe I'll give the location to my bat cave one day, but for now, I think I'll just leave it at that :D Michie...I WILL NOT get a shot in my ELBOW! *OUCH!*

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27 here!!!! I just noticed this the other day when we went camping, I brought my NIKE's and when I put them on they felt awful, like my feet were squished. They are sz 7, everything else fits fine. I think my feet got wider, maybe it's bc I have another 20lbs to lose still...:-(((((((

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you went camping with a baby? How old is yours and how did it go? I love camping and can't wait until Timberly's old enough to go (maybe we'll go this summer!)!

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I love camping too...and can't wait till Logan is old enough to enjoy it too. I have 13lbs left to lose till I get back to my weight when I got pregnant, but I was about 15lbs heavier when I got pregnant than I normally am, so I really have close to thirty to lose. I'm just taking it one day at a time though. I gained tons of weight when I was pregnant, much of it due to water retention. I gained 75lbs total!!! Within one week of being home I lost 35lbs! (I just kept peeing all the time...all that water I held in my swollen legs, ankles, feet, everywhere!)Since then I have been working out and have lost an additional 27lbs. Some of that was also water weight that left a little slower. I am trying hard though, want to do it the healthy way so I pace myself, and take it slowly. Sure wish my feet didn't hurt! that would make it much easier.

Aspen (and Logan 10 weeks today)

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i love camping too! we do the rugged type though. we back pack in and back pack out. the most we've hiked is 17 miles and i can't wait to go but when is it safe to take the baby?


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