How do I get successful breastfed baby to take bottle sometimes?

MommyJanuary 23, 2002

I'm breastfeeding my baby and it has been successful. However, I want her to take the bottle sometimes also since I will be eventually returning to work. But my baby hates the bottle. I tried the avent bottle since they say it resembles the breast but she did not take it. Then I tried playtex disposable and she rejected it also. Does anyone have any suggestions? She only likes the breast.

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my dd is 11 wks. and still refuses the bottle. i have tried everything from warming the nipple to buying a bottle that looks like a breast.
you are not alone!:)


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You did not say how old your baby is, but ideally you want to introduce a bottle around 3 weeks of age, no longer than 4 weeks of age - or you may encounter lots of resistance. Sounds like maybe you have been trying to give baby a bottle? Have someone else, such as Daddy, try and offer the bottle. Some bf babies will refuse a bottle from Mommy, because they know she has the real thing! Also, don't wait to offer the bottle until baby is very hungry or baby will get frustrated much easier. Try it about an hour after a feeding, so baby is a bit hungry but not starving. Also, you are probably doing this, but if the bmilk has been refrigerated, make sure you warm it so it is not cold. Once you get baby to take a bottle, offer baby a bottle once a day so baby does not "forget" how to take a bottle. We used Avent bottles with the newborn nipples. Whatever brand bottle you use, make sure you use the nipple with the slowest flow, to more closely match the flow from your breast. Otherwise, baby may develop a preference for the bottle if the flow is faster from the bottle.

Hope this helps!! I hope I did not leave anything out.

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My baby used to happily switch between bottle and breast when he was an infant, then around 5 months of age, he suddenly started refusing the bottle. he is almost one now and still refuses it. And he hates formula, even juice doesnt interest him much. It does make life difficult, especially since I would like to atleast try to wean him!

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