Satin Paint Over Semi Gloss

ryuiucJuly 9, 2009

Hello. Recently (1 week ago) had my kitchen painted in a semi gloss finish using Sherwin Williams Duration (Acrylic Latex) and have found it to be much too shiny. I am looking to tone it down a bit by going over it with a couple more coats of the same color in a satin finish. Ive read and had a couple people advise me to lightly sand the existing walls before repainting but Ive also been told that the acrylic latex will adhere just fine to the semi gloss and not to worry about it. Also given that its only 7 days cured while it takes up to say 30 days to reach full hardness, sanding may not be necessary. I am obviously looking to avoid doing unncessary work but I also want a good job and not have to worry about peeling or the previous sheen showing through somehow. What would you do?

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I would sand it, but only because it is probably an 8 minute job. You will probably be okay without sanding.

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Thanks, I guess I probably will or else Ill go crazy wishing I did for no reason.

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Dont sand !!! it will only gum up and give you a rough finish.
Latex paints take 30 days to cure before sanding is an option.

You will be fine going directly over with a satin. Once coat will work but 2 will give you a more uniform sheen.

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DIY'ers and painters alike sand between coats every day all over the world and the paint is not cured. If the sandpaper clogs, just bang it out and continue sanding.

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I would sand it. I like to sand between all coats, I think it results in a nicer finish (I don't like a lot of texture).

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