Oil Based Paint Availability

ronald107July 15, 2011

I'm sick and tired of homeowners and contractors complaining that they can't purchase solventborne oil-based paints and primers anymore. This must be a result of a disinformation campaign which is currently being conducted by paint manufacturers who have chosen to go the waterborne route exclusively.

My personal favorite brand, Fine Paints of Europe has managed to comply with all new Federal and State regs without changing their formulas and reducing their quality. The fact is that Fine Paints of Europe is available in every state in the union through retailers or direct.

There's a good reason this company's slogan is 'There's nothing more expensive than cheap paint'.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fine Paints of Europe

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I love FPE and have used Hollandlac Brilliant and Eco (an alkyd/waterborne hybrid.) And I agree with their slogan. But at $130 plus shipping for 2.5 liters (.66 gallons) it's not exactly a realistic option for most people. I've use it for small jobs, such as doors, shutters and window sash and I would definitely recommend it for these types of jobs. I may be wrong, but I believe only the quart size of oil paint (actually .75 liter) can be shipped to many states and that brings the cost up even more since it's $55 per unit.

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Why do we need oil based paints? It's the year 2011.

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