Finding an 'older' nanny in GA

gfoakJanuary 26, 2007

I have a friend who is in a bit of denial over a recently diagnosed illness. She has a four month old, and will need at some point, a full-time nanny, live-in.

My friend is expected to live about 2 years.

Right now, she is very against nannies because I think she is looking for a situation that she thinks she won't be able to find: a long-term, grandmotherly type nanny.

Does anyone know of any resources which perhaps specialize in this type of nanny? (As opposed to the young 20's range which often only work for you for a year, she is hoping to find someone who will stay many years should it work out).

Thanks for any pointers, sigh.

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How heartbreaking. A bit of denial? I'd be in raging denial. Let her deny and deal with it on her own terms and time. I can't imagine having to cope with something like that.

Seems like her two most logical choices are her mother or mother-in-law (if she's married), or aunt or someone like that. I doubt she'll find anyone like that unless she looks for someone who's just retired and even then, that person probably won't want to do this for years. She's looking for a "mother" for her 4 month old. Does she have a guardian for her child, maybe a sister or sister-in-law. That would be the person to involve now.

Good luck.

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