Breat Feeding New Born?

betty_the_villagesJanuary 2, 2004

I am just asking you young mothers this. I have had 7 children and breast feed 5 of them, My new daughter-in-law is from Russia. Her baby is just 10 days old.

I do not think she has enough breast milk. She says she does. Her breasts do not skrurt out with milk. She has to give him one breast and then the other at each feeding. To me it seems like he is just using like a passafier. He does sleep well but, sometimes wakes up and you have to give him a passafier till the next feeding. He does not really cry. He seem to be a good baby. He wets his diaper well..... I am concerned.

Please write me at

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If he's having several wet and poopy diapers a day, he's probably getting enough to drink. I think 12 diapers a day is the magic number. If you're really concerned you can call the pediatrician's office. They'll usually let you bring the baby in to be weighed to make sure it's gaining weight.

Not everyone squirts out lots of milk. I breastfeed my child and I have to use nursing pads all the time to keep my clothes dry. My step-sister is breastfeeding her child also, but doesn't have a problem with leakage and hasn't had to use nursing pads. I've talked to other mothers who also said they didn't need to use nursing pads. Every woman is different.

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Thank you so much! I am so relieved. The Russian culture and the American is so different. I know she was concerned too, but did not want me to know. I always had lots of milk. Her breasts do not squirt out like mine did. So this worried me. I will not worry quite as much. Back in my day over 50 years ago:-)...things were done different. I do not want to cause any problems between me and my daughter-in-law.
God Bless
Betty in Floida

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Betty, her feeding the baby both breasts at a feeding will stimulate milk production. When he wakes in the night isn't she feeding him?...only a passifier?,,,At 10 days a breast fed baby should be eating at least every 3 to 4 hours night and day.
Linda C

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Yes, she feeds him in the night about every 2 hours. I think he is getting enough milk. I was not sure. He ia 11 days old. He eats every 2 hours.
I am going to watch and see if he is really latching on to the breast. Just to make sure. I will let y'all know.
God Bless!
Betty in Florida

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It is interesting how you bring up culture. In a lot of Scandinavian countries, for example, nearly 100 percent of women at least start out breastfeeding their babies. I think the US is somewhere in the middle. Like Adella said, not everyone will "squirt." I do only when my milk lets down, which is usually painful because there is so much. Although my big eater has learned to accommodate this and doesn't choke so much early in a feeding like he used to - it was just coming out too fast for him. Pumping/using both breasts will increase milk production, like Linda said. And not all babies want both breasts - at first mine was satisfied with just one and now that he's getting bigger, wants both, it seems. If he is latching on well your DIL's nipples won't be sore (or at least minimally) and most of the areola (around the nipple) will not show. As long as he has at least six good wet diapers in 24 hours you know he's getting enough (not to mention plenty of poops!). You will also hear the baby swallowing. If not, he is either getting full or yes, using her as a passifier.

Here is a link that might be useful: Getting enough milk

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Breastfed babies poop less than bottlefed babies sometimes. The real thing to look for is how many wet diapers there are a day. I wish I had not had leaking problems. Your daughter-in-law is lucky.

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A nurse warned me to not let the baby use my breasts as pacifiers. Then a lactation consultant came by and exasperated threw up her hands and said, "Breasts ARE pacifiers!" Really, what's so terrible about that (as long as MOM doesn't mind)?

And even if your grandchild SEEMS to just be using her as a pacifier, there's a purpose to that as you know in the more the baby sucks, the more the baby will stimulate the milk production it exactly needs. In fact, a study has drawn a connection between pacifier use and low milk production, so it sounds like your DIL is doing the right thing.

I was amazed at how my milk production fluctuated over the course of many months depending on how much my son was nursing. When he needed more my breasts produced more; as he took less I produced much less.

Agree about the diapers. There's input, output! Not much more scientific than that! :)

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