Does Sam's Club take SIMILAC checks? How much does formula cost?

PatyJanuary 26, 2002

We're thinking of joining Sam's Club but I was curious to know if it is a good place to get baby products. We use cloth diapers so are not in real high demand for disposables (just for travel) but I do use Similac formula. Is the price reasonable there? Do they accept the manufacturer's checks?

What about Costco? Does anyone belong to that warehouse club?

Do either of those warehouses accept coupons for everyday items?

Thanks girls!!!

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The only wholesale club that accepts coupons is BJs Wholesale. Sam's definitely does not and I don't think Costco does either, but I could be wrong on that one. We use Enfamil and it is $26 for a 3lb can and then I get to use either a $1, $2, or $3 off coupon from Enfamil. It's a great deal.

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My husband works for Sam's Club, and they do not take those check/coupons. My DS is on Isomil Similac and we have found the best deals at Walmart. For some reason, the Walmart by our house offers the huge can (1lb,14oz) for 2 dollars cheaper than the walmart by my work. My DH says it is b/c the income level is lower where we live. Anyway, the formula is always $15.54 and w/ a $2 coupon, it's only $13.54. At Kmart or Fry's, the SAME can is $22.50. The difference is amazing!


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Costco DOES accept Similac Checks--they sell an extra large can of powder Similac for around $22...which is the same price most sell the large cans in the store..give or take a dollar....however we get our formula at Walmart, since Similac sells for under $19...the best price of any store.

Sorry I can't help you out w/Sams CLub.

~JEN. mom to 19mos old and #2 on the way anyday!

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I am so sorry, I posted above about Sam's Club not taking those coupons, then I asked my husband to make sure and he said that they DO!! I felt so bad for telling you they didn't. I know the can they sell there is bigger than the biggest at Walmart...I think it is 2 lbs and also around $22. I just did the math, and it is close, but walmart seems to be cheaper!

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It might vary from region to region because my Sam's Club here in NJ definitely did not accept coupons last time I was there. Of course, if they treat it like a check it might be different, but every time I go to BJs, they never know how to handle the Enfamil check. Is it a coupon (as it tells you to treat it?) Or is it a check (as it tells the retailer to treat it)?!
Good Luck!

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I know the COSTCO in the Bay Area does not take any coupons for baby food. The reason is that it is already cheap...isn't the coupon just like money and they will get reimbursed??!!

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We buy the ready to pour Similac and had been paying $4.34 for 32 ounces at Meijers. I just priced it at our Walmart however and the same container is only $3.50. That is a huge difference in price and it will save us around $40 a month or more. I am so glad I checked out Walmart prices. I noticed their cans of powder mix are also much cheaper than Meijer. Our pediatritian also gives us free cans when we visit.

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I can help explain this coupon issue. I am a father and do the most of the formula shopping. I have found that a few of the sam's clubs if not all will accept the similac checks. As long as they have your name printed on it. However they will not except manufacturer's coupons. Found this out when I tried to use a one yesterday. The manager said this is due to the fact that sam's club has there own similac coupons. I have never seen them but ok.

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BJ's will allow you to use one of their coupons, a manufacturers coupon and a similac check for each tub you buy. the large tubs were 27.99 but I got 15 off each one I bought using all the coupons! and it is cheaper than walmart

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