Shower gift???

agnesdJanuary 18, 2002

I want to give a shower gift that will has meaning and sentimental value. I don't want to buy something useful. Everyone else will go by the registry. I want something unique. Can anyone suggest anything??

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I got a little pink bible engraved with Timberly's name!! I thought it was wonderful (it made me cry!). Maybe if you're close to the mom so you can take pictures of her throughout her pregnancy (or have already done so) you could make a book of her at different months in her pregnancy and give it to her for baby (most mom's I know, including myself, run from the camera while pg, and then want the pictures they ran from after they've delivered).

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It's so sweet of you to try to do something special and sentimental!!

What about a locket to put mom's and baby's picture in? Or any jewelry with the baby's birth stone. I like the Bible idea if they are religious. What about a tree or rosebush or offering to plant the perrenials or bulbs of their choice that will be in bloom around baby's birthday (might not be able to plant until this fall).

I'd be interested in hearing what you decide!


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I like home made shadow boxes. My mom gave me the one my aunt made for her and I love it. They are easy to make and they really are cute.

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My baby's 3 months old and I have so many shower gifts and post-baby gifts that I can't use. I appreciate every gift of course, but some things are more useful than others. I'd stick to the registry and then maybe get an additional inexpensive sentimental gift. I am stocked up on Baby Books (you know, the first 5 years, etc.) I have 3 and I'm not using any since I have my own scrapbooking system. I have engraved spoons. Hopefully I'm not killing your fun, but you understand what I mean.

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I agree with the previous poster - you might want to do something special....but make sure it fits with the mom you're gifting! (I have a hard time being thankful for "sentimental" gifts....most of them take up space that I don't have.)

That said, I think there are ways to combine the sentimental & practical, like decorating a "memory box" for mom to keep little baby keepsakes in so they don't get lost. Maybe an offer to keep a scrapbook for her would be good? (Not sure if that would be practical for you....)

Anyway, keep the personality of the mom in mind when you gift - I know that for me, nothing makes me feel more loved than an offer of help or food (something that I don't have to PUT SOMEWHERE), or the gift of something I really NEED. My MIL is different, and likes to get jewelry or knicknacks or picture frames and stuff. If I were to buy her a bag of birdseed for her birds, she wouldn't see that as a good gift, just like her buying me christmas ornaments and glitter water-globes kind of irks me! The thought is there....but the CONSIDERATION is not. (I'm not sure if what I'm saying is very clear! Sorry!)

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At my "grandma shower" (what a fun idea!) one of the little outfits for Tommy came in one of those decorator boxes that are frequently sold as a nesting set. Now I have it as a memory box to keep the cards we received, pictures, the shower invitation and other sentimental things in.

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You could begin a savings account for the baby's education!! That would be practical and you could contribute to his/ her education at birthdays and other gift giving holidays instead of giving another toy or clothing item. The passbook could be given to Mom or Dad in a number of creative ways!!!

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Ooo, yeah, I like the savings account idea for baby's education. I don't know ANY parents that would not appreciate that!

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I like the savings acct idea too!

A friend of mine is a semi-pro photographer. Her gift to me was a makeover session and then she took the most beautiful pics of me (at 38 weeks, so I had a nice tummy to show off) in all these beautiful locations. She made me up and helped me pick out one of my own outfits to go with what she had in mind. She drove me around to different spots, like old buildings, a pavilion in a park, a lovely old bridge...and got me to pose for lots of different shots. Afterward, we relaxed in a nice little cafe for a while. When I got the pics back, I could not believe how GORGEOUS she made me look! My husband kept saying I should have been a pregnant model! (Yeah right, but thanks anyway Hon - smooches!)

I know pregnant women get pics taken of them quite a bit by friends and family (often when they don't feel their best). My friend really made me feel so pampered and beautiful....what a nice, personal gift, with gorgeous pics to cherish forever!

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Molly Adams

personally, i would (and do) buy classic children's books, such as blueberries for sal, make way for ducklings, grandfather twilight, miss rumphius,etc (any caldecott award winner, they have the list in bookstores) and inscribe them with a heartfelt sentiment, date, etc. kids get so much garbage in the way of toys and electronic junk that good books are not found in many households any more. and some parents find it hard to shell out 20 bucks for a hardcover book for some reason, even one that will last for many years, and pass through many children's hands. what do you think?

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I personally think it is selfish to refuse to go off a registry. Unlike most wedding registries, with your first child you really do need stuff! I loved getting things for me at my shower. I got a sexy pair of nursing p.j.s from babystyle and a mani/pedi gift cert. It showed me that I was important too. I love the photograph idea, just make sure the photographer is very reputable. I would get something small from regisrty and something creative and fun for mom. Afterall she is the one doing all the work. Good luck!

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For baby gifts, I like to send a special check in a card for the new baby's bank account. It's dated the day of the baby's birth, made out to the baby's full name and written to the amount of their weight. 8 lbs, 3 ounces=$8.03. I write congratulations on the memo line.

Years ago, when the check cleared and the bank returned it with my statement, I would send the actual check to the mom for the baby book. Now I make a color copy of it and write "a little souvenier" on the paper.

This is in addition to shower, Christening and 'seeing-the-baby-for-the-first-time' gifts.

I realize this doesn't actually answer your original question, but it's something to consider.

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The GardenWeb gremlins are at work again. Sorry for the double post.

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