Smelly Urine Diapers

michie1January 18, 2002

I find my daughter's diapers smell so strong of urine, that I can actually smell it when I'm going upstairs & she's in bed sleeping. Is this the diaper or the urine itself & does anyone else have that problem? It's beginning to stink up her room.

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haven't had that, maybe it's the diaper pail?

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My sister used Huggies for her DD, I used Luvs, and I always felt like the Huggies pee pee smelled much stronger, even if they were on the other baby. Just my experience. Plus that first morning diaper smelled much stronger than the rest of the days.

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Yes, the diaper pail smells of it too, but that's not what I'm talking about. My daughter sleeps in my room, not where her diaper pail is kept & I can smell the urine, especially in the morning before I even get to her.

I haven't noticed that the brand of diapers has made a difference. The last month or so I've been using CVS brand & I hadn't notied the smell until recently so maybe. Before that I used White Cloud from Walmart or Target, depending on which store I hit. I hated Huggies b/c they leaked & once someone gave me a store brand of diapers I thought they were just as good as the name brands. Now I wonder if the other store brands didn't smell as much as this one. Hmmm....

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I use the Dri Bottoms from Walmart and they don't seem to smell that bad when she pees but the Pampers really seemed to make her pee smell stronger. Also is she getting enough liquids? I also noticed that when I used the Shopko or Walmart brand butt wipes I noticed they made her pee smell funny.

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