Best, most affordable no VOC paint and primer?

steph0509July 24, 2014

We built our house last year, and I have despised my color choice for our kitchen/living/entry area since Day 1 (SW Camelback). It's way too dark for our house, so I'm wanting to repaint to a very light neutral "greige". Since we're living in the house and have a 2 year old, I prefer one that is NO VOC and no or very low odor.

What are your thoughts on Behr Premium Plus? I know I've read that the paint/primer in one is a big gimmick. But it has such good reviews! I'm prepared to do a coat of primer and two coats of paint, I'm not trying to skip a step, I just want it done right, for a reasonable price, and without having to smell paint for weeks.

Recommend your best (and most affordable) no VOC paint and primer!

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

What are your thoughts on Behr Premium Plus?

You REALLY don't want to know

Ben Moore, Fresh Start primer and Natura for the finish

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Consider ACE's newer Clark+Kensington line.

We go thru LOTS of it, & I've NEVER heard a complaint about odor. Last Oct., we got re-fitted with the new 0-Voc colorants. Retails are from $28.99 to $35.99.


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I'm using Valspar Professional Flat because ... it was there, it was on sale, and I didn't feel like paying 2x for the consumer brand

Good coverage - one coat of color (pale yellow) over either the old white paint or the new primer is giving me even coverage.

However, I have a tendency to put on thicker layers with a roller than many painters, so you may have to make do two coats. These walls are either fresh plaster or really old cheap paint.

ODOR: not much. It lasted a couple of days, with me opening up the house at night.

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