dh and breastmilk?

mavericks_momJanuary 20, 2002

Hi there,we were watching an old episode of "friends" where everyone tried Susans breastmilk but Ross. He thought it was gross but did try it in the end!(one of my favorite episodes) I was wondering if anybody elses DH had tried breastmilk and what did he think of it? My DH did try it.(I didnt think he would)He actually said it pretty good,kinda sweet. OK,is there anyone else out there or do I just have a weird husband?

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My Dh tried it too and thought it was OK. He said it was sweet also. If you husband is weird so is mine.

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No, DH did not try it, nor had any desire to do so.

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My DH tried it the other night. Said it was like sweet warm milk. I haven't tried it though :) I don't think it's weird at all. If the baby drinks it, then why shouldn't we taste it!

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We use formula now, but when dd was breastfeeding bith dh and i tried it. I taste formula too...I think I'll try everything before my baby does to make sure it's ok. I like the taste of formula, similac is yummy. breastmilk tastes good too...

love, jami

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Yeah mine did too and same thing sweet and okay. I also taste it to make sure it's not sour when I try to bottle feed.

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