'Strawberry' Birthmark

Audrey_66January 23, 2002

My 4 mo old son has a "strawberry" inside the cheek of his butt, very close to his rectum. His ped told me it would get slightly bigger and redder for a year and then be gone by the time he is 5. Last night, I noticed that it was bleeding slightly and seemed to be starting to "peel off". He also had a slight case of diarrhea and I didn't know if maybe that irritated it. When I called his Dr she didn't seem too concerned but said they don't normally do that and just told me to diaper him tightly (whatever that means) and maybe use a stiptic pencil if it didn't stop bleeding. Anyway, it is not bleeding at all today but I was wondering if anyone else's child has had one of these and what happened with it? Did it ever bleed? Has it gone away? Thanks.


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My 13 month old niece was born with a strawberry birthmark on her leg. It was hard to believe that it would disappear because it seemed so dark and large when she was born, but it has definitely grown, gotten lighter, and sort of broken up over the last year. When I say "broken up," I mean that it used to be solid red, and now it is red in patches. You can see normal skin in between patches. It definitely looks like it will fade away.

I don't know if it has ever bled. If your doctor didn't seem too concerned, then I wouldn't be.

Hope this helps!

EDD 04/29/01

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is it a hemangioma? ask your ped. and if it is than it shouldn't be bleeding. my daughter has one on her head and boy has that thing grown. she looks like she has a big raised bump and sometimes people will say things like "whoops, you had a boo-boo" and i'm thinking are you stupid or what? no baby that is 10 wks. is gonna have this big knot on her head. you try to explain it to them and they just sorta look at you with this expression like they don't believe you.
anyway, when she was a few wks. old that thing grew and now it's pretty big but should go away between the ages of 2 - 7 and we pray 2! she wears hats all the time and i hate it because she is so beautiful but that is all people look at.
i've never heard of them peeling and i would ask your ped. that if it gets bigger won't it sorta cover the rectum and cause problems?
is it flat or raised?
i really don't think it should be bleeding at all or peeling. i would get a second opinion or maybe ask him to look at it to make sure.
and what does he mean by not diapering him too tightly. that doesn't make sense to me.
i hope it is ok now:)

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My three-month-old daughter has what the pediatrician calls a "strawberry" birthmark on her right forearm. It really is about the size of a small strawberry, and it's bright, bright red. It didn't show up until she was about a week old. It started as discolored skin, but now it's puffy and swollen. Her pediatrician says it should go away by the time she's three.

My in-laws live on a different coast and haven't met my daughter. When they noticed the mark in a picture, they emailed the picture back with the spot circled, an arrow pointing to it, and "WHAT IS THIS?" written in all caps. I'm probably a bit defensive about it, but I thought DOY! What do you think it is, a tattoo?

It definitely does not bleed.


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that is sooo funny. when my in-laws saw phoebe's she said "did you hit her head?" i thought, you must be soooo stupid and i felt like hitting her. of course i didn't hit her head. some people!:)

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I guess I'm lucky that very few people get to see his "strawberry". Anyway, it hasn't bled since Tuesday evening, I guess the diarrhea he had may have irritated it. It still looks a little different than it did - more raised. If it happens again, we will definitely be visiting his Dr.

Jayme, what is a hemangioma?


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it's like a collection of blood vessels under the skin and on top. her bump is huge on her head and we call her our little unicorn.
the more active she is the bigger it will get and then later at nite or in the morning it will be smaller.
it wasn't there at birth but the ped. described it as a birth mark that will go away (thank God).

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Hi jayme,

I've never really talked much about Leila's "strawberry". I worry about it though, and I guess you must too. We just plan to tell her it's her "beauty mark". Because to us, it is. :) But I wish it wasn't there.


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My DD has/had a strawberry mark in the corner of her eye. It started as you all above have stated. Just a few little bumps noticed at about 2 weeks, then for the first year it kept getting bigger. It was just a little larger than a nickel, and quite raised. Dark blood red. It looked as if it would pop. I was so concerned about it, but was reassured by my doctor that it would go away. She is seven now, and the skin is just slightly raised in that spot, and no discoloration what so ever. People always commented about it "WHAT HAPPENED TO HER", and it was hard to take after a while. It was easier to explain to little kids, because they asked in a much nicer way!

I just wanted to comment, because they do go away. Hers started to fade at about age 2, and by age 4 it was hardly noticable. I was always thankful to hear from people that would reassure me about this. But do ask your doc. about it frequently!

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My daughter was born with a hemangioma on her cheek. At first it wad light pink, now she's three months & it's a dark redish color. Peeling & tonight I seen a blood spot on her arm when I was changing her into her pajamas... My dermotologest said it will peel a little bkuz her face is growing. I think she scratched her face & that's why it was bleeding. I just put some neosporen on it so it doesn't get infected.. People ask me alll the time what it is.. It doesn't bother me at all. As long As it's not painful to her I'm fine with it. She was also born with club feet, & she's wearing. Brace on her feet right Now & people ask & I tell them. Not a big deal to me because my baby is perfect to me, & I'd love her the same if she had one eye. :) she's beautiful. Even with the mark on her face.

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When I was little, I had a strawberry right on my forehead. It never bled, but it did eventually go away. It's nothing serious. Just something a baby gets sometimes.

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My 4 month old daughter has one on the back of her neck. It peels then the skin layer falls off and there is a "raw" patch (like what you would have if a scab fell off). She hasn't seemed bothered by it and the doctor hasn't been concerned about it so I've just thought that it has been part of the course of it getting larger until it is time for it to shrink. I would love to hear if anyone else has had this happen with their baby.

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My daughter is five months old and has a strawberry on her chin. It has stayed the same size since she was 6 weeks. It bothered me at first but now I see it as Gods way of making every body look at her mouth at her beautiful smile!!! :). It is true that u love ur children no matter what and they are perfect to u.

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To Angela Cockrell(vikhugo@hotmail.com)

My daughter also has a birth mark like this on the top of her neck, it started off as a lump but has softned now and has started to scab over. Does this scab fall off?? been to my docs and she said its perfectly normal and should only be concerned if it bleeds alot or causes her any pain.

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