Ikea toe-kick drawers (made by Ikea!)

unixisgoodforyouFebruary 13, 2012


I was reading about people who make hack existing Ikea drawers to make their own Ikea toe kick drawers.

It looks like Ikea makes a 'RATIONELL Floor-level drawer, silver-colour'. Google found it on the Ikea UK web site.

Can you buy this in North America?


Here is a link that might be useful: RATIONELL Floor-level drawer, silver-colour

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I found this on Rockler yesterday. I thought these had potential for toe kicks. We've bought a few things from Rockler, like them very much.

Here is a link that might be useful: floor mount slides

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No, unfortunately you can't use those Rationell drawers in the US, at least not very easily, hence the hack. The Faktum system they use in Europe has toekicks that are closer to 6" high, while the Akurum system here is designed for toekicks at the standard US height of ~4".

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Ikea US does sell a 24" wide undercounter cabinet with a 5 or 6" tall drawer at the bottom, good for placing either a 24"/60cm oven or a single-drawer dishwasher above it

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And here's how you can turn the toekick into a drawer using US Rationell parts. (I love that there are several entire websites devoted to hacking Ikea cabinets and furniture!)

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Hey, that's me! :-) Ikeahackers.com and Lifehacker.com picked up the tutorial I wrote for my blog. What a strange feeling to run across people referring to my work!

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