Paint Sheen Choices for Kitchen. Flat on Ceiling?

mudwormFebruary 16, 2013

We probably will go with Kelly Moore Premium Interior Paint for our project. Their sheen scale goes like: Flat, Egg-shell, Satin, Semi-Gloss, Gloss. I assume other manufactures will have a similar scale.

What sheen did you choose for your trim, walls, and ceiling in the kitchen? Like or dislike?

We are thinking about going with Satin for walls and Semi-Gloss for trim. Is it a bad idea to use Flat for the ceiling?

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mudworm, I've got Kelly Moore throughout my house, interior and exterior, and it has stood up amazingly well. I have flat on all my walls and ceilings except the bathroom (satin). Before my renovation, I only had a 4" backsplash and flat paint behind my stove. It was never a problem and cleaned up fine. Personally I don't care for a sheen on the walls or ceilings, esp. in the kitchen, so satin was never a consideration.

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We have flat on the ceiling throughout our house; it was originally chosen by professional painters before we moved in. They used flat on the ceilings, eggshell on the walls, and satin on the trim and it looks great, so we followed suit. We have Benjamin Moore paint, though, so the finishes might vary from how glossy the K-M finishes are. If the satin finishes are the same, you might find it a little glossy for your walls--I'd try out both the satin and the eggshell and see which you prefer.

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Like Artemis, we used BM paint. We repainted the entire house inside (save for the hall bath) and out during our reno. Satin Impervo Waterborne on the trim and doors. Flat white for ceilings. Walls are eggshell. I wouldn't like BM's satin for my walls, although KM's might be different

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We have satin Valspar paint on our kitchen ceiling and walls. It is very subtle but I think each paint manufacturer is different. Thinks happen in the kitchen and we wanted to be able to clean it up easily.

We just started painting the dining room but using flat. It cleaper and hopefully there is no need for cleaning up the dining room cleaning. : )

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Another vote for flat on the ceilings, even in the kitchen. In the rare instance that something should land on the ceiling, it can be wiped off and touched up if necessary and the touch-up won't show like it will with a sheen paint. I've always had a sheen surface on the kitchen ceiling, but I went with flat this time and I'm glad I did. With all the shiny surfaces in a kitchen for light to bounce off of, the flat on the ceiling calms things down. Most of my wall space is covered with cabinets or backsplash material, but I chose a top quality scrubbable flat for the exposed wall areas around the windows and door as well. Love it.

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Thanks everyone for chiming in. I had no idea how each sheen will look in our house, and was only thinking from the practical perspective. It looks like we should tone it (the sheen) down a little bit. Glad to hear that less sheen does not necessary mean more problem.

Actually, since we are doing the backsplash to upper cabinet and the exposed wall is not much, I'm leaning towards flat for the walls now. I'll ask about "scrubbable flat."

I would have been open to BM if their store had longer hours. Got a KM and a BM on my way home next to each other, but BM closes early and I could never get there in time. I doubt that the difference in sheen is much between these major brands.

One wall, which separates kitchen and living room, will have to be at least Egg-Shell. There are two openings in this long wall that connects rooms and we are not trimming around the openings. The kitties love to rub their cheeks on the 90 degree angled edges. Those edges will be scrubbed often.

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In my area, the painters all seem to prefer Kelly Moore products. I tend to favor BM colors and KM (no relation) mixes them perfectly.

My space is open. I had the walls painted in 2009 and last year (2012) had to repaint part of the same area because it had been retextured. Had new paint mixed and it blended 100% into the old stuff. You simply cannot tell where the two paints meet up.

Flat may not be as scrubbable as shinier finishes, but I often just touch up with paint where I've rubbed up against the wall and left colored streaks.

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