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whazzupJanuary 18, 2003

Just thought I would share a funny item for all you new parents! A lady I work with is expecting her first child. She's doing really well and is due in March. Yesterday she came into work, dragging through the door and looking very tired. I asked her how she was doing and she said, "oh, I've been up since 5 because the baby was flipping and turning around and wouldn't settle down. I'll be so glad when she gets here so I can finally get some sleep!"

HA! I gently broke the news to her that if she thinks she's tired now, just wait! :)

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You got that right! Mine is 5 years old and still comes up with reasons to wake Mom up at night!!!

As an infant, she slept 5-hour stretches, which we felt was a blessing. Most of our friends only got 2-hour stretches of solid sleep.

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Isn't this so true, hah! My little one 8 months old, just started sleeping through the night about 1 month ago.

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When mom is pregnant, if she is on her feet all day and running, her baby is basically being rocked inthe uterus and sleeps wonderfully. then when Mom stops to sleep herself, the baby gets uncomfortable and wakes up to play--thus all teh turning, etc. A very busy day for mom means summersaults all night for baby.

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Dh's cousin reminded of this post the other day. She 's getting married. Her and her fiance were discussing children. DH's cousin said to another cousin "I already have three dogs. How much harder could it be?" We're betting she gets a nanny.

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Whew. I have a three month old (our fourth child) and much as I adore our little midnight rendezvous, I am really looking forward to when he starts sleeping through the night. Here's a funny-- when my cousin was a baby, my aunt was convinced he had ringworm since he had these rashes which were raised red circles. nothing she tried worked, so finally she brought him to the doctor, and the doctor pointed out that the circles were in a perfect line--- he was reacting to the snaps on his sleepers!

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hey, she MIGHT be right--my first slept for 8 hours her first night home from the hospital and never quit that cycle.

And she slept for 4 hours during the day. Naptime for mom!

She was kind of big, and a nursing champ, so that helped.

The other thing that's true is, when the baby DOES sleep, you can too! You don't have all these people (including your own self) expecting you to do all this other stuff. Esp. not your first baby--taking a nap is ACCEPTABLE on maternity leave, but it's not while you're pregnant and working.

Even w/ my second, who ate every 3 hours round-the-clock (he was a little early and had a tiny stomach), I wasn't as exhausted as I'd feared.

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Yes, usually the bigger they are the sooner they sleep through the night. One of the advantages of birthing a huge baby, I suppose. If baby is in your room with you you'll probably be awake anyway with every little sound he makes, so what difference does it make? LOL

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