Cream or Powder for a Diaper Change?

Bad_WifeJanuary 31, 2002

How do you know which to use, and when? I have a zinc oxide cream that I know is used to treat/prevent diaper rash, but when do you use the powder? I can't see using both at the same time. Thanks.

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I think the APA recommends not using the powder because all the dust *might* contribute to asthma/breathing problems (notice I said THINK!) :) I've never used powder, and only use cream when Timberly has a rash...

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I heard not to use powder when DS was a baby, also. In fact the hospital gave us a huge bottle of powder and I've been using it on the carpet like carpet powder after 3 years of having it just to use it up! LOL I believe Timberlysmom was right about the dust and everything, too.

Don't use the creams unless they are needed. There really isn't a reason to use it unless there is a rash. If you do, I would guess the baby would get used to it and you may be using it for a long time.


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Vaseline or that type of products is all you need, if anything for prevention. We don;t use anything. During rash times then a zinc oxide cream is fine. Powder isn't necessary or recommended - don't even know why they sell it.

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I *think* the only kind of powder that is considered safe anymore is the kind made with cornstarch. We never bought powder, but we did use cornstarch when DD was very tiny and tons of chins (fat rolls). Moisture would get trapped underneath and her little neck would get red. It worked great.

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We use Balmax cream everyday. if i don't load it on, my sensitive daughter gets red. And that is no matter what diaper I use, or wipes or washclothes.

I don't use the powder yet, but I am thinking once the weather gets warmer I will need it. She is 3 months old now and she has rolls everywhere and I want to keep those folds dry.

They warn to be careful putting the powder on. Try not to let them inhale it.

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I lvie in AZ so if I use powder at all it is in the summer months in the folds of the arms and knees so they don't get all sweaty and raw. I am very careful not to shake it near his face. I don't use it in his diaper. I don't think it is needed and the fragrance probably isn't good for their sensitive skin. My baby has never had a diaper rash, but when he gets a little pink (like in the folds) I use the diaper rash ointment (generic brand) to sooth it and it seems to go away by the next day or even by the next diaper change! Good luck! Sorry to ramble.

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I use a cornstarch powder made from Desitin. It contains 10% zinc oxide. It is good to use this at night before your baby goes to bed for the evening. Since the baby will most likely be in his night time diaper longer than any other diaper during the day. You should still shake on the powder away from baby's face so dust doesn't kick up. This works great for us.

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I heard that powder was not good for little girl parts (urinary infection maybe?). I'm not sure exactly what its it, but it might be worth looking into.

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The issue with powder is that some contain 'talc'..Anything with talc shouldn't be used because of potential lung damage. And as some folks have said, the only real reason to use powder would be to avert heat rash, on other parts of the body.

I've also heard a doctor say that talc used in the genital area of females (infant or grown) MIGHT be connected with ovarian cancer (particles work their way up, causing chronic irritation). He cited some study, but I've not heard anything about that since...Personally, I think soap and water on a daily basis is enough for most...

I really don't see any need to use powder on a bottom, unless it's a medicated one for a yeast-type rash (and that wouldn't be OTC).

My rule of thumb with a behind is, know your child's skin. Some babies have ultrasenstive skin and have to have a moisture barrier every diaper change or their skin breaks down (my dd). But my son seems to have tougher skin, and most of the time, cleaning it is sufficient.

And whatever goop you use on the bottom, avoid types that are perfumed as the base of the fragrance most-times is alcohol (which can rip delicate skin). Same goes for the wipes and diapers. Less is better.

One more thing about using powder and goop together..I wouldn't recommend it. I work in a hospital and have seen this as a setup for yeast/bacterial growth. Whatever is used on the skin needs to be completely removed each time. If you like the fragrance, use a lotion on the other parts of the body...

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