She Speaks!

michie1January 20, 2002

My daughter said her first word(s) tonight. She said

"Bye-Bye". She's been saying ba-ba for several weeks & lately I've been working on waving & I've been saying bye-bye. A few days ago she started waving, but not on command. Tonight we were video taping her & when I was about done I said "Bye-bye" & she waved & said it clearly.

My husband & I were ecstatic. We listened to the video to make sure we didn't confuse bye-bye with ba-ba, but nope it was very clear & she used it with the wave. My baby speaks! She's 6 mos & 4 wks! Who knows when she'll say it again but I got her first word on video!!!!!

Just had to tell you!!!!!

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WOW, that is great and especially since you got them on tape!! Now make sure to put that tape in the vault so nothing ever happens to it!

I'm jealous, My guys, 7 months old tomorrow, he's doing those bababa sounds constantly, so I'll have to try your tactics :o)

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Congratulations!! That must have been such an exciting moment. I can't wait until Taylor can speak!

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