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Ali23July 13, 2012

Hello :) I'm new to the site, actually just signed up a few moments ago after weeks of lurking around and reading all the great information this board has to it!

I'm in a bit of a bind, i have a Master Bedroom i need to select a paint for and i need to do it tomorrow morning! My bed set i purchase dis dark espresso brown, and i was really wanting a nice Greyish green. I don't want something too green, and really want something with subtle green hues. I would appreciate Sherwin Williams suggestions if psosible.

The ones based on the paint swatches that i have that appear to be what i'm looking for are the following:

Anew Grey , Analytical Grey, Austere grey (sp?).

I have not seen these on walls but based on the cards i'm looking at they appear to be close to what i'm looking for.

Please help ;)

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Lori A. Sawaya

i was really wanting a nice Greyish green

I get Austere as a choice. The other two confuse me a bit.

Deconstructed, reduced waaaay down (or actually up) I'd put Analytical in the yellow hue family and Anew in the red (pink)

It would be a stretch and some rather unique lighting circumstances for Analytical and Anew to be categorized, perceived as a greyish green. Anew is a bigger stretch than Analytical.

But the only way to really know is to test the color(s) in your space. Because chips under an OttLite + my memory + 12:30 am at night (which is how I'm looking at the chips right now) is not the same as seeing the color in situ.

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Thanks for the response. Yea, its not ideal for me to have to pick a color so quickly but kidn of in a tough spot to get this done asap while contractors are here. I was almost thinking of Slvelte green, but that seems like its too green.

I just want that real contempary/modern greyish/green look, something that will go very well with my dark espresso bed set, but not be so dark it makes the room small!

Any other sugguestion on SW paint options?

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I'd like to get away from any blueish grey options as well. something more muted grey with hints of green if that makes sense.

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Your best bet is to postpone the painting if at all possible. A rushed decision is often a bad decision, and opening your eyes every morning to the wrong color on the walls is the wrong way to start.

Second best idea I can suggest is for you post this on the Home Decorating forum and ask for both SW and Ben Moore ideas. Lots of people over there know the Ben Moore colors well. Then you could have SW mix up that color.

Also, go to the Home Decorating forum and click on the Gallery.

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Lori A. Sawaya

Austere meets your description perfectly - my only question is how it responds to the quality of light. Will it show with that subtle edge of green in your space or will it show as a flat gray. Only way to know is to test it.

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Take a look at BM Grant Beige, a greige with some green.

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Austere Gray is an awesome color. In low light, it tends more gray, but in brighter light it is a beautiful soft green. It looks GREAT against any kind of wood, especially oak or cherry.

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