First Coat: General Finishes Gel Stain

OyiwaaNoelaJuly 11, 2014


I am refinishing my cabinets with a General Finishes Gel stain. his evening, I applied the first coat with a foam brush and wiped it off as directed.

I am not sure I am doing right. Please, see the attached pictures, and if you can, point me in the possibly correct direction. Am I taking off too much of the stain? Or have I not applied it correctly? Is it usual to have some of the original wood still showing after the first coat?

I plan to apply the second coat on Sunday, and maybe a third before applying the top-coat (urethane). What can I do to improve my stains..

thanks Oyii

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What color are you applying?

It works better if you wipe the stain ON ... dip a soft rag in the stain and wipe it on in a circular motion to get in all the grain, finish by wiping in the direction of the grain, the full length of the panel.

Do the center panels first, then the short edges, then the long ones.

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might want to start by taking off the hinges.
and, work on the backs of the doors till you have your technique down.

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You tube has a few videos on gel stain. I found using a yellow base coat looks better.

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Thanks very much for all your responses. I am applying Georgian Cherry.

I will start over, and strip the paint off this evening. I plan to use a product as the CitriStrip -

Do you recommend it?

Do I always have to wipe the Gel stain off or can I paint with a foam brush and leave it on?

Thanks - Oyii

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