is it just me or do all diapers leak sometimes?

jennifergJanuary 14, 2002

Hi all, I have a 4 and a half month old son. I've tried every kind of diaper. At first I really liked the white cloud, cheaper and didn't leak, but then for like three nights in a row and during the day, they leaked. So, I changed to Huggies. I stayed with those until I dicovered Luvs, they were cheaper and didn't leak until two nights ago. Now it's midnight and I just changed my poor baby's clothes, sheets and everything that was soaked! I don't think I've done anything different these past few nights. I always wait right before he goes to bed and change him into a fresh diaper. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Thank you.


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I did have this problem when he was a newborn, but then I figured out that you have to point his pee pee down. If not then it just shots out the top of the diaper. If you are already doing that, then maybe it is just getting too full. My son is also 4 1/2 months old and the only time his diaper leaks is when he has slept through the night and sometimes it gets too full and will leak out of one side. I use K-Mart brand.

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I completely agree with the above post!!! The first night we were home I change my son's sheets and clothes SIX TIMES! He kept peeing on himself! Now that I point his pee-pee down, he only leaks RARELY and that is when he has slept for hours at night in the same diaper and it just gets too full!

Aspen (and Logan)

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Do you need to move to the next size diaper? Even though they give a weight range, it's just an approximation of what size baby they will fit. All my kids needed to move into the next diaper size before they were out of the current diaper's weight range. You might need to change him more often. Disposibles still need to be changed every 2 hrs or so. If it's just at night, you could try the overnight diapers. Just a thought. : ) Laya

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Funny story:

We were waiting at the airport for the 1st leg of a long overseas airplane trip to Germany. DH says, "What's that??" on our toddler's pants. "Well it can't be pee! I just changed him minutes ago!" Turns out, it was pee and his diaper was absolutely dry. I must have had his aim going to the side--oh, the joy of changing diapers in a tiny airport stall.

Anyway, here he was, soaking wet and we hadn't even left our home city yet, still had 14 hrs of traveling. I didn't have a change of pants for him, tho I had about 5 changes for his baby "ThunderButt" brother. I fashioned a new pair of pants for him out of his sweatshirt, putting his legs in the arms and strapping it around his waste with the stroller strap : ) You wouldn't notice that they weren't pants, although DH kept telling him his "fly" (the neck of the sweatshirt, hee, hee) was open : )

Turns out, when landing in Germany, we discovered that he wet his pants, er, sweatshirt, this time just because the diaper was full. We had no recourse except to let him wear dad's coat like a dress. Also had to remove his wet socks. Boy, the German ladies let me have it, having a toddler out in the cold without socks and shoes. We were inside the airport of course, 70 degrees inside tho it was below freezing outside, and we were carrying him bundled up. I got him fully dressed again when we got our luggage. I wasn't going to let him run around in the snow with no pants or shoes : ) But, boy, those German women look out for kids like they were their own grandchildren.

If you ever take young kids to Germany, add extra time for the older people to stop you so they can admire and talk to them. I guess the population growth is negative there and it's not common for Germans to have many children. The older Germans adore them. DH kept wondering what took me so long whenever I went to the WC (bathroom). Always had to fight past a herd of cooing, gooing old women when I had the baby with me : )

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I don't know if my two cents will help, b/c I have girls. It must be a boy thing with the leaking because of his anatomy, but I only had a diaper leak ONCE (when we first got home from the hospital). Have you tried the Pamper's PRemium Custom Fit? They are more expensive but I've NEVER had to change clothes or sheets. My girls are now 8 months old and they go all night (~12 hours) with the Pamper's Custom Fit. I love them!
Best Wishes!

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I think that girls leak much less than boys. My DD hardly ever leaked, but DS does from time to time. It was worse when he was a newborn - I don't know if it was the diaper size, the pointing problem or the newly-inexperienced mom trying to get the diaper on tight enough. He doesn't leak much anymore, except when it's most inconvenient (i.e. in the middle of a wedding ceremony).


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How long are you going in between changes and has he been drinking a lot? I remember DS's getting pretty full when he started sleeping through the night. Even now that Shane is 2 1/2 (hopefully he'll potty train by 3! He just isn't interested in doing it at all now but was about 3 months ago), his diapers get full but rarely leak~he had to have drank a LOT! We use Huggies and have ever since Day 1 (I really liked them because of the velcron instead of the tape but they're all changing now). Good luck! Hope it's just a matter of watching which way it's pointed! :-)


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Thank you everyone. I tried to point his pee pee down, but at this point there just really isn't much to point!:) I change him every 2 to 3 hours when he's awake, some nights he'll sleep as long as 10 hours. I switched back to Huggies. As soon as I'm finished with this package, I'm going to move up to the next size.

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