Please educate me re: garbage disposal air switches

kgolbyFebruary 22, 2013

The air switch gizmo is brand new to me. My existing island has an upper bar which is going to be cut down and new island will be one level. I currently have a switch to operate GB but will be going to an air switch or whatever the push button gizmo is called. I looked on Amazon to see about purchasing one & I've seen listings for just the button & then listings with the button plus the power module. Can you please let me know which one I need to purchase? My granite installer does provide one but I'm not sure what brand it is. It seems like the recommended brand on GW is ISE. Thanks for the education. :)

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I have a Waterstone faucet and a matching Waterstone air switch. Depending on what brand faucet you use, perhaps they make a coordinating switch?

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I purchased a Hansgrohe faucet. I'll check that out. Thanks!

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You definitely need the power module which comes with a button but it may not be the color you want (I think it comes with chrome and white buttons). If you want a brushed nickel or black button then you need to buy the separate pack of buttons.

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The easiest thing to do is to go down to Home Depot or Lowe's and buy one. Insinkerator is widely available and works perfectly for right around $60. Amazon is less if that works better for you.

When you buy this, you need all these parts:

The plug you see here goes into the wall under the sink. The plug on your GD plugs into the box. The tubing is attached to the underside of the button. The kit comes with 3 different buttons: chrome, white, and satin nickel. You use one and toss the other two. If you need a different color/finish, that's when you buy the ones you see being sold as single units.

You'll love having this thing!!

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Thank you! The chrome button is the one I'll need. The ISE image you posted, suzannesl, is exactly the combo that I've seen on Amazon.

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:-) That's because I used the Amazon photo, but I used that photo because it's easy to see what we're talking about. The kit is the the same from other sources.

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Does the chrome ISE button feel like metal or like plastic?

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Kay--I thought I answered this on one of your threads. The ISE polished chrome switch does NOT feel or look like plastic. I hate faux chrome/stainless enough that I would have paid much more for a different air switch brand if this was the case. And I have two!

Here's my Hansgrohe faucet with Elkay soap dispenser and ISE air switch, all in polished chrome.

Hansgrohe does not make air switches.

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Thanks, Breezy. You may have answered and I just missed it. Been going crazy the past 3 days trying to wrap up litle details while I babysit cabinet and appliance installers.

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No problem. :) The finish line is in sight for you finally! Hope install is going well.

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