ex husband's new habit smoking cigars

RunninghorseDecember 26, 2001

It seems that my ex husband who once was so health concious is now addicted to smoking cigars. My main concern is that he smokes them in front of my son age 5. When we were married he had always boasted about how horrible smoking is and would ask guests to please smoke outside. I know if I try to talk to him, it will start an argument about how I'm trying to manage his life or something. He is very unreasonable. My only other solution is to keep enforcing with my son how bad it is for a person's health. Any suggestions other than talking with my son about health risks? I also worry about my son having to breathe it at his dad's home.

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I just read that it doesn't even matter if you smoke outside--second-hand smoke releases microscopic particles that stick to your hair and clothing like dust. Once you come inside, any movement releases those particles into the air, to be inhaled by your son and giving him a four times higher chance of getting lung cancer. The fact your husband smokes inside with your son is even worse and gives him even greater health risks for not just cancer but also asthma, bronchitis, and irritated eyes, throat and coughing.

But it sounds like your ex is more into a power struggle with you than worrying about your son's or his own health. You might want to mention this to him in a non-confrontational way and say the only real loser in a power struggle between the two of you is your son.

If that doesn't work, then you need to teach your son to deal with the problem. If Dad won't smoke outside, tell your son he should go outside when dad lights up. Won't solve all the health problems but will at least lessen them a bit. Your son is in a no-win situation right now and it's too bad.

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