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hollylynDecember 30, 2008

I recently got offered a part time job picking up 3 girls from daycare and taking them home, feeding them dinner, doing homework and getting them to bed... maybe baths to. The kids' ages are 3,4, and 9. It would be 2 times a week from 5-9pm. What should I ask for an hourly rate? Please help me out... its been so long since Ive done anything like this.. I have no idea what to charge. thanks

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I personally would charge at least $150.00 a week. Taking care of childern I think is the hardest job ever!!!!

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Holly, I don't think I'd charge by the hour, but by the job.
Will you be fixing supper or will it be prepared? Will all food be provided? Or extra money if you go out for burgers? You'll have gas and insurance issues unless a car is being provided you.
Where you live will be a factor in what you decide to charge.
I certainly wouldn't "under charge" but go towards the high end of what the market in your area will bear...just because we all know what a terrific environment you'll provide for these precious kids :)

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I have to cook dinner for them... It will be provided, I will have to cook or warm it up, I have to use my own car, pick them up from daycare about 3 miles from my home, then take them to their home about 2 miles away from the daycare, and will be helping them with homework, bathing, and getting the 2 youngest to bed. So its not that far I will be driving... but still... what do you think..

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I live in the Midwest and would probably say $50 a night. So for the 2 nights it would be $100. For some areas that may be a bit low.

Now if it were for a friend or single parent I may negotiate that a bit depending on what the going rate in your area is.

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I'd say you'd have to get a minimum of $5 per child, per hour to make it worth your while. So that's $60/day--that wouldn't be unreasonable in my area, for what you're describing. And you're going to have to check with your car insurance company about your coverage--your insurance is going to go up, of course, if you're transporting children as a job (and you dare not drive them in your car without the proper coverage), so I'd think you'd want to add that in on top.

Whatever you do, don't do this too cheaply--it's a lot of work and responsibility to care for children and you should be well-rewarded for your efforts.

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