baby dolls who can be bathed- recommendations??

mollyjaneaDecember 1, 2008

looking for 2 for christmas, 1 for granddaughter (3 yrs) and 1 for neice(5 years). hard to buy online, because i can't see or feel them. nothing much in local stores. anyone have a certain brand that was a big success? doesn't seem that should be such a production...but it's turning out to be! thanks, molly

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Quick, are you still online?
My daughter has one of these, Baby Born, by Zapf Creations. I happened to get an email from etoys today, incuding this doll at an amazing price. $7.99, normally a $40 doll! Says "today only."

This doll is completely washable, the even sell swimsuits for it on the Zapf website. That's why we got it. It life-size and completely waterproof. Very popular doll for 3-5 y/o girls. It can be fed and uses a potty (or diapers), but it's the texture that DD wanted it for, b/c she could take it in the bathtub or pool. No batteries or anything technical. And she did bath it every night for a while, still looks brand new.

Here is a link that might be useful: Baby Born

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This is Ariel from The Little Mermaid. She is a bath toy that changes color with change in temp. This price says $30.00 but I paid around $12.00 at Target. They had 4 dolls, all some sort of Disney Princess. My daughter loves it :) Christy

Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon - Ariel Bath Toy

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