Confirm Clearly Pregnancy Test

christy2828December 1, 2006

Just wanted to share my story. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant and I bought 3 boxes of this pregnancy test over the past few months. Early in November I took a test and got a positive result. It was the last test of 3 in the box, so I opened a fresh box and took a second test for the heck of it. It was also positive. About 3 weeks, and many phone calls later, I found out at my Doctor's office that I am not pregnant. It is supposed to be rare to get a false positive pregnancy test, and can be a sign of a serious condition. So I googled 'Confirm Clearly False Pregnancy Test' and have found many women that have had the same thing happen to them. One womans' husband tested positive, and another womans' tap water tested positive!! This brand has not been recalled, but in my opinion should be. I hope this may help couples trying to conceive, and good luck!! Christy

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I'm sorry you didn't get the pregnancy you were hoping for, and want to thank you for posting this information for other hopeful parents-to-be. That's a generous gesture at what must be a difficult time for you.

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That's too bad, Christy. Maybe it's just best to depend on the doctor's report. Don't give up.

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Thanks :) We are still trying, and I have no doubt that it will happen. I just know many couples try for months and even years to conceive, and that a false positive could devastate someone in that position. So good luck Mommies!! Christy

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I would also like to convey my understanding, that this must have be so disappointing for you. I guess it goes to show, you aren't "really" pregnant until you have had a blood test.

I remember when I used one of those kits, its so exciting to see the colour change, but I never believed it until the doc told me.

It is very thoughtful of you to post this message here to help out others.

All the best to you, may a precious one find its way into your life, real soon.


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We are trying for our second child. I actually had a lot of faith in the pregnancy tests! With my first child, I took three tests and got three positives. When I went to the doctor, I told them that I had three positives, and they never did a blood or urine test. They told me that it wasn't necessary, that home pregnancy tests are accurate. This time after I got 2 positives, I went on vacation, with complete faith in the tests that I took, and was 100% convinced that I was pregnant. I only started to suspect that I wasn't when a coworker of the husbands also had a false positive. So, three weeks later I took another test, and it was negative. I have since taken an EPT test, and a blood test. Both of which were negative. I have contacted the company as well, and they replied that they have received an overwhelming amount of complaints because of false positives. They are issuing me a full refund, I only needed to tell them how much I spent on each box, and the local tax. No receipts, no hassle. Thanks for you well wishes :) Christy

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