My son has BAD breath...

WildfireDecember 15, 2001

He is 6 years old and I supervise/help him brush his teeth every morning, after school, and at night. The problem is, his breath is still foul.

Besides brushing more, does anyone have any ideas that can help remedy this problem? He is a very affectionate boy and loves to give me kisses and sit with me, but his breath is hard to take. Ofcourse, I would never turn down his kisses so I need some help here.



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Hi, Wildfire. WebMD suggests that persistent bad breath in spite of good oral hygiene warrants a dental visit.

Here is a link that might be useful: WebMD on halitosis

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Thanks for the link! After reading that post, I realize that I may actually know the cause. My son has really bad allergies and Reactive Airway Disease, meaning that he has to have breathing treatments often. I saw on the link that respiritory infections was listed. I wonder if his RAD could be the problem?
Anyway, he has a dental appointment in 2 weeks, and a doctor's appointment Monday for his RAD. I'll be sure to mention this problem to the doc.
In the mean time, any suggestions for helping get rid of the odor?

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Hi Wildfire
I'm a dental hygienist. I normally post at the pg forum but was peaking in over here and thought I could help. Even though he's six he's not too young to floss. This may not take care of the problem but it will help to remove all food and bacteria that the toothbrush can't reach. Because he's so young and doesn't have the dexterity to floss like a adult, check Wal-mart for dinosaur flossers. They are easy to handle and he can do it himself. They come with quite a few to a package. This is something he needs to do daily.
Also, if he is a mouthbreather, this can cause bad breath. It could be a combination of things but really make sure that his oral hygiene is good to stop any bacterial growth. Atleast brushing 2 x a day. I always advise parents of children this age to brush atleast once a day for them to make sure that they are getting it all real good.
Sorry this is so long. Let me know if you have any more questions.
(preg. forum)

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Wildfire, folks in India, where just about everything has garlic in it, chew on parsley or fennel leaves/seeds. They swear by it.

I have tons in my garden for the swallowtails, so I pop some in my mouth on my way to work sometimes.

Parsley should be readily availble at supermarkets. Fennel seeds too--the leaves maybe not : )

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Chewing on fennel seeds and parsley is ok but she needs to figure out what's causing the problem. A 6 year olds breath shouldn't be that bad so apparently something is causing it.

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There are plenty of reasons for bad breath, including stomach problems. Just flossing and brushing wont help if its intestinal.

One thing I found that helped my son with allergies was removing all dairy product and supplementing lots of acidopholis.

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Musick, in my first post I suggested a visit to the dentist. Wildfire then asked what she could do in the meantime.

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If he has allergies, there may be a mild sinus infection giving his breath an odor. How are his tonsils? Any possiblity of infection and odor there? If he hasn't seen his doctor since this began, a check up might be in order.

The RAD could be causing the problem. Because of the allergies, I would be VERY careful in trying any type of herbal remedy without a doctor's OK.

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Acidolphis is not an herbal remedy. It is the good bacteria that ALL people need. Even doctors acknoweldge the need to replenish the good bacteria lost in the intestinal tract, especially after a dose of antibiotics.

Even a healthy person could take this supplement and should.

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I just wanted to clarify that I know you were referring to the fennel seeds as herbal supplement.

I just wanted to add that acidolpholis is not an herbal supplement. :)

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Peaches, never thought of fennel seeds and parsley as herbal supplements. People throughout the world use them in everyday cooking.

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Me neither but I assumed that is what the poster was referring to. LOL who the heck knows what herbal thing she was referring to, I just wanted to say achidolpholis was not an herbal supplement. :)

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Does he brush his tongue too? That really helps. My husband loves cottage cheese, which gave him bad breath. I used to tell him to avoid cottage cheese till he got home. Hated to think of him with such bad breath calling on customers.

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I worked with a kid one time who had bad breath and it was his Adenoids. Once they were removed, his breath was fine.

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"but his breath is hard to take"

I'm sorry, I know this is a serious topic, but that made me laugh so hard!

My nephew has bad breath, too. We figure it is because he sleeps with his mouth wide open. (This happens to my husband when he has a cold ... whew! Not fun waking up to that)

Anyway, my poor nephew has asthma, allergies, etc ... his nose is often clogged up, which is why he sleeps with his mouth open. The doctor gave him some sort of nose spray which clears his nasal pasages. I also use one ... adult version is Nasonex, forget what the kids' is called.

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Hi fren,

How's your son bad breath for current status? is it completely cure now?


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