Opinions Needed for Craftsman Color Scheme

liveoakhomeJune 23, 2010

We're putting the finishing touches on this house we've built.

The body is sage green, trim is medium brown, door is terra cotta. I love them all.

The white columns I'm not so sure. There will be white railing between the center and right columns.

Any opinions? If you don't like the white, what other suggestions do you have? In my mind, Craftsman columns are always white but do you have another idea? Thanks!


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Lori A. Sawaya

In my mind, Craftsman columns are always white but do you have another idea? Thanks!

The right white. The current white looks like primer juxtaposed to the other full and rich colors -- it's out of balance and doesn't harmonize.

Instead of white, I should say a light beige. Definitely need something with more color to it.

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I agree 100%, the white is too cold and stark. A light beige even with a touch of yellow in it will look much better. SW has a Craftsman line of colors, there are probably some good options. Pretty house!

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Sherwin Williams, and I'm sure other paint stores have color collections for different styles of houses. I put a link for theirs. I'm terrible a picking colors sometimes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sherwin W.

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Wow! Could you PLEASE tell me what brand and color your roof is? I need to decide my roof color this weekend, and that's the look I was hoping for!

Also, do you mind sharing the name and brand of your paint colors? I love that green, as well as the brown and terra cotta. Did you choose the colors yourself? Or choose from a pre-selected grouping? I am a little overwhelmed with the paint color choices, too (we're getting new siding as well...) and of course my contractor wants my decision ASAP.


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Roof: Owens-Corning Duration, Driftwood.

Green: Kelly-Moore, Stratford Sage (historic lifestyles)
Brown: KM Cargo (stock exterior)
Orange: Lowes Valspar Signature, Burnished Copper

I picked them all except the orange, which a decorator friend helped me with (although the orange was my idea!).

I just love them all esp. the roof! but now the white columns are bugging me. They are quite an off-white but they do still look stark.

Back to columns:

I just had a thought, that camel would maybe be nice for the columns with a camel railing. (Not a railing for tying your camel to.) But I already have a Timbertech bright white rail ready to be installed, and hubby is not going to be happy about a wood rail that needs to be painted.

If I do a light beige would that still work w/the white railing?? I could skip the railing altogether I suppose but I do like the railing. Perhaps a more grayish white like bone would be better w/white railing?

What about green (match the house color), and trim the capital and base of the columns (which are currently white) in brown?

Oooh, what about going a shade lighter on the green for the columns? Too busy?

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A very pale sage green would be my choice. Most craftsman houses you have seen were repainted in the "it's gotta be white" era of woodwork.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/daily-bungalow/2971353069/in/set-72157607492336114/ has vintage color charts

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Lazygardens, I love your idea, but do you think I need to repeat the lighter green elsewhere, and if so, where?? That is the big question for me.


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Another (better - and it was staring right at me) possibility is to paint the columns with the brown/green combo of the garage door. The recesses green, framing stuff brown. That would tie the whole facade together.

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Nice but you got the wrong type of lights. I really like that door. We have a CM home here and I love it. I'm still trying to con the wife into getting a new door. Apparently, the love affair does not carry over to her..

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What a lovely home!
I think a softer white would work fine because your windows are white (aren't they?). We used the Sherwin Williams craftsman line and instead of ultra bright white we chose Roycroft Vellum.
I'm not understanding something: is the railing not paintable?
I also like Lazygarden's idea, but I think you were saying your railing wouldn't match. Again, could you not paint the railing the medium brown color if you went with the green/brown on the columns?

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