Choosing paint colors to go with wood trim

kategigJune 25, 2012

We are remodeling a home built in 1892 that has original stained woodwork throughout. This photo is of the living room and dining room. As you can see, it was in bad shape. Since the photo was taken, we have ripped out the carpet and will be refinishing the wood floors to complement the exisiting trim color. I am completely stumped on paint colors to coordinate with these deep wood tones, as I want the home to feel as bright and open as possible. I don't want the wood tones to make the home feel dark/cave-like. I prefer neutral tones for the main living space. I would love any and all help/expertise. Thanks!

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Lori A. Sawaya

Wow. That's stunning. Love stained wood trim. White is fine but sometimes I think it's a snidge overrated. I've lived with both � a lot of stained and a lot of glossy white. Each have a special aesthetic appeal.

Deconstructed, flat out - your woodwork is orange. And it's from that color p.o.v. that you should choose all other color harmonies.

Brown technically defined is dark orange. At one time that stain color was probably darker and brown-er and what you see now is a a type of patina.

Don't ever mess with that patina because it doesn't come in a can.

Based on everything you said, I'd steer you toward full spectrum paint colors for the whole house. Top two reasons: modulated quality of light because there are real rooms not an open floor plan and original stain.

If you go with 'regular paint', be mindful to choose complex colors or a.k.a. tertiary colors. Tertiary colors are found as you move toward center on a color wheel. They come from a mix of 3 (tertiary). Reason is I'd want to partner the wood's patina with a worthy, complex wall color.

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