Help salvage this yellow paint color! How to??

dazzlemewithcolorJune 16, 2010

I had sampled a yellow and thought it looked 'refreshing' and went ahead and had 2 gallons mixed. Just finished half of the room and I hate it. It looks a little more fluorescent than refreshing.

I hate to waste this paint that is already bought and paid for. Can I salvage it by adding another color? I really want to reduce the 'highlighter' yellow tone it has and make it more of a buttery yellow.

Any advice?

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Yellows are SO difficult. I've found that with yellows especially, even if you do a sizable test patch, when the whole room is painted, the room can still look entirely different than you expected. The first thing to do is to eliminate any fluorescent lights if you can -- most fluorescents have a yellowish cast which will distort the color and make things worse.

I've also found that yellows look less jarring after two or even three coats of good-quality paint (counter-intuitive, I know - don't ask me to explain). Since you've already started and have the paint, you might want to see if you like the color better after two or three coats.

Also, give the color some time for you to adjust to it, and remember that the room will look quite different when your furnishings and wall coverings are back in place (less exposed wall area, different light). I painted my home office BM Hawthorne Yellow and the room seemed to explode, but once I put my cherry furniture and cherry-stained interior shutters back, it was much more subdued. (The room has four windows on two walls, with a south/west exposure, so the wooden shutters made a huge difference.)

Finally, if you still hate it and don't want to re-prime and re-paint, you might be able to use a glaze or faux finish technique to tone it down. Post a photo of your room and the name of the color you used, and someone here (not me!) will probably be able to suggest a color and technique that would work. Be sure to test it on a LARGE piece of drywall or posterboard before trying it on your walls.

P.S. If you decide to change color, you can give away your unused paint on Freecycle or Craig's List. Some non-profits may also be willing to take it (but usually will take only full gallons).

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This morning in the natural light, the paint color looks awesome! I guess I need new light bulbs!! lol

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Amazing what a change lighting can make! I'm glad it worked out.

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Lol - I had the same thing happy to me - I hated the color at night but loved it in the morning light. Also I found with the yellow it took several days to totally cute - might change even more. Enjoy

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