peeling, fresh paint on vinyl shutters - salvageable?

ccbelleJune 3, 2010

We have 10 yr old, med blue exterior vinyl shutters that faded. Our HOA required us to remedy. My husband removed them and painted them (using a brush) with primer and two coats of Behr exterior semi gloss. In addition to being too bright a blue, the paint is peeling off the edges. He had spray painted a set years ago with success, but not with this set.

So now we're shopping for new vinyl shutters. Black this time, although our grey siding (also ten years old) has faded to a greyish white, and we have a blue and green stained glass covering the middle upper window. I guess black shutters will fade to something more pleasant than a light blue, anyway. Side question: w/out a picture, does this combo of colors sound ok? We have two tall blue spruces in front too.

The bigger question: would these shutters be salvageable/useful for some group like Habitat for Humanity? I doubt I could even freecycle them at this point, but who knows. Is vinyl ever that paintable (will it withstand southern sun?) Or would some vinyl renu product be a better bet in the future?


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Are you sure it is vinyl? Most shutters I come across are made of plastic and they paint up just fine with a high end 100 percent acrylic paint. Behr is probably not considered high end, but I don't know if that is why the paint is peeling. The surfaces of the shutters should be clean and dull and I hardly ever use a primer. The paint will not be nearly as durable until full cure, which can take up to a month.

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thanks - I'm really not sure what they are. My husband is dragging his feet a little about ordering new ones, but I don't think the old ones are salvageable, unless it's someone who has a lot of time on their hands to remove the paint job (if that's even doable?)

It's hard to get excited about black shutters after working so hard to find the right shade of navy - but if we never have to go through this again, it will be ok by me.

We get a lot of sun on the front of the house, so even if the paint job had worked, I'm not so sure it would have lasted very long. So lesson learned - and it could have been worse. We could have installed them before they started peeling!

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