Why does it ALWAYS happen?

PeachesDecember 18, 2001

It seems like on important events, someone in the family always gets sick!!

My poor dd has got the worst cold of the year, jumping up and down just to breath. :(

Does this always happen to you ?

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Well, over our Thanksgiving trip to our parents dd threw up all night the first night, my sil took a shotgun butt to the forehead and had to have a plastic surgeon fix her up(I was in the er with her until 2:00am), my mother tripped over MY shoe fell and broke 5 ribs, my ds got a horrible case of strep throat thanksgiving night and I spent the next day in the er with him. To top it off I threw my back out getting my mom off the floor and am getting ready to start PT on it. The kicker is we're still going back for Christmas.

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There was a thread on this topic on another forum.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bad timing

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Wow Donna!!!

You are a brave person to go back! Hope you have a safe and healthy Christmas holiday!!!! Thanks for sharing.

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Yes, this happens every year to me. Flu Christmas Eve the year of my dd's first Christmas. Another mystery flu the next year. Gall bladder attack and then it was taken out 2 days before Christmas 2 years ago and last year managed to catch only a cold. This year I started early with flu bugs etc so I'm hoping to be healthy. Last year dh had angioplasty and this year my mom has been in the hospital twice since mid November. What is an uneventful holiday?
Wow Donna, you are a brave one. Pad the floors and walls.
Happy Holidays everyone.

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It's awful to be sick so near Christmas, but the last Christmas I was at home (at my parent's house)my dad and I were both sick. My mom thankfully didn't get this horrible cold. I don't even know if it was a cold. I wanted to throw up a lot, couldn't eat, and just was miserable, as was dad. My mom knew I didn't feel well on Christmas Eve, and she asked me so many times as she prepared this wonderful meal with all the nice trimmings, if we were going to be too sick to eat the next day. I assured her we would, but the next day we couldn't touch anything. That was probably the worst Christmas ever!! I was barely able to sit up enough to open gifts. My dad, as sick as he was, drove across town to the only pharmacy open on Christmas and 24 hours for medicine! Talk about bad timing, lol!

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UGH, my 22 month old DD had a stomach virus last week (we all did) and this week she has a bad cold/croup thing with fever. DH is on the couch now feeling puny with the start of a cold. We go away on Saturday to my family and pray we are all healthy for Christmas! Never fails here too that someone is sick on a holiday. DH had to go to an emergency room while we were away Christmas before last. Oh and the worst was last winter when the baby got a stomach virus. We all got over it in a day or two but she ended up in the hospital extremely dehydrated. Had to cancel her 1st birthday party then we got 2 ft. of snow on the make up date! Hoping she will have a great 2nd birthday anyway!
Hope your little one feels better quickly.

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Well the beat goes on... I broke the tip of my fibula and now am in a cast for the next three weeks. I have to laugh or I might cry!

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I hope your arm heals quickly.


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Thank You Mommabear, but it's my leg unfortunately.

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Ok - I was the OP on the first 'kids and timing' thread. I'm happy to report that yesterday was her 4th birthday party and we made it through with NO disasters, illnesses or injuries!!!! Yayyyy!

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Sorry Donna. I hope whatever is in a cast feels better :)


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Well, it's Christmas Eve and I was up all night with a 102 degree fever. DD also has a cold, but our 4 month old DS is still doing okay. We were supposed to go to a friend's house for a big Christmas celebration, but it looks like we'll be home alone (again!) this year.

Yep, it always seems to happen to us too.

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