Yellow Overload -- In need of low budget help!

AW101February 25, 2013

Hello everyone ... I've been visiting this website off and on for months. I love all the great ideas and transformations!

Our kitchen and family room (open floor plan) has been painted in a gold/ yellow faux finish by the previous homeowner. We've been living with it for a couple years while we worked on other parts of our home. I think that I've been living in it so long that I don't even know where to start. Here's what I would like to do:
1 darken the cabinets - possibly restain
2 change floor (there is a few floor boards that have are warped however nothing too major) - possibly with wood looking ceramic tile. I like wood floor, DH likes tile
3 paint walls (no faux) - would like it to flow to family room but doesn't necessary need to be the same color

I like Mediterrean style but casual ... need help with what to begin with, colors and where to start. Any input would be greatly appreciated !! Thank you

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No comments on colors, but that table under the island bar seems pretty awkward to me. Is there any reason you dont have bar stools?

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I would start by painting a different wallcolor. I would prime over the yellow faux painting and this will give you the opportunity to see things without that bright yellow paint influencing everything. Only after that would I pick a paint color. Right now everything will be influenced by the bright yellow.

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I agree with palimpsest. Start by priming the existing yellow with neutral. Then take a step back is see how the other existing colors work together.

Good luck. tmy

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After priming the walls, pick the floors. Those will be the most unchangeable and largest element. Once you pick floors then you can decide if you want to darken the cabinets or paint them. Wall paint is the absolute last thing to be done as you can mix any color you want custom if need be.

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My previous house had that same faux finish yellow paint! It did get a bit overwhelming.

I think the advice to prime and then see with a fresh eye is good. However, I'm impatient when I just want to get something done already. If you fall into that camp (not that I'm recommending impatience:), perhaps you could start by narrowing down your choices to those you gravitate towards. It looks like you have accents of green and burgundy in your decor, and maybe some green and tan in your granite. Could you start with tans, greens, and other shades that might complement those elements?

I'm sure the color experts here will have more specific advice....

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I think the idea to prime first is a great one, but in the mean time you might have fun playing with colors on one of the paint tools that some of the paint companies offer where you can upload your pictures and paint on colors that they sell. I'm not sure if it'll give you an entirely accurate view, since it looks like the golden walls are reflecting a lot of their yellow hue onto the walls and floors, but it would give you a starting point.

I also wanted to comment on your absolutely adorable poodles! What a cute pair of doll babies (says a fellow poodle owner.) : )

Here is a link that might be useful: Benjamin Moore's Personal Color Viewer

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