Should a deck match the house?

lydia1959March 1, 2009

What looks better.. a deck that matches the color of the house or a deck in a different color?

If you've got pictures, please share!

We're trying to make a decision today.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our house is this Pebble color

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I think it's up to you--what you feel looks best for your house. There's no real right answer, IMO, and lots of options that will look beautiful on any house.

In our case, our new house is brick/white trim. And the deck out back is natural, weathered gray wood. I'm considering painting the railings and latticwork (at one end) white, so that it coordinates better with the house, but I haven't definitely made up my mind. Am giving myself a little time to make the right decision the first time around.

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I think natural, weathered wood goes with everything.

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either or I think. Contrast looks nice also.

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I like a bit of contrast, personally. Our house is a dark brown and the desk is natural. I wouldn't mind painting it your pebble color, that would look pretty next to the dark brown.

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Our house has been 3 different colors in 38 years, stark white when we bought it, light blue and now a sand beige color. You might change the color of your house in the future so if you go for a matching color, it will either lock you in to that color forever or really restrict what color you can paint your house. I think you should go for a neutral color so you can paint your house any color you want in the future.

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If you want to show it off, contrast it. If you want to hide it, same color/materials if possible to blend in. Totally a personal taste. I think a lot also depends on where it is too.

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Any of those colors would match pebble.

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My front porch and back deck were here when I bought my home. They are constructed with cheaper woods. A couple of years ago I painted my front porch white to match my house. The paint that gets walked on peeled off. When DS moves here he is going to either repaint it or stain it. I would like to paint the railings on the back deck and stain and seal the rest of it.

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My house is an old style colonial/farm house - the color is light gray, the front porch is white & the deck is a dark taupe color - the contrast looks really good.

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I think almost anything too would match. Our siding is close to yours, we have brick (terra cotta-y shades and colors) also, plus a dark brown garage door and the soffits are dark brown and rain gutters also. So we went with a dark brown stain on our deck. I would match what you have. In our case, contrast would mean adding yet another color! lol

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I am lazy. Natural weathered won't ever need to get re painted. :)


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Personally, I love your pebble color so I'd want it to match if it were mine--but you need to do what you like. It doesn't have to, by any means.

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I went back to look at those colors again and started reading about Correct Deck. Man, that stuff's neat!! Since the color won't fade, be sure you like what you get. LOL!

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A lot of it is probably personal preference. With composite deck materials you would be limited in your color choices. Of course, with wood you would be also.
Our house color is very close to the Pebble color of yours (w/off-white trim and dark green for accents, such as octagon attic vents, shutters, front door, etc) and our new deck is close to the mahogany (for main deck) and cedar (for the trim and "accents") shown in your link.
One of the pictures I posted in your last post about decks shows part of the back of our home (w/out any of the dark green accent -- that's just in the front and sides) to give you an idea of how the colors go together. I can post a few more if youÂd likeÂ
We are VERY pleased with how the colors coordinate. As another posted suggested, if you want your deck to blend in, match to your house. If you want it to "stand out", go with another coordinating, neutral color(s).
Good luck Lydia. (Just wait tll you get to the final "design" stage! LOL)

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I think it's just a matter of taste...Ours is natural with a strong varnish type stuff that keeps the wood from greying...we power washed it our first spring here and put that stuff on...this is our house.

Good luck!! I'm sure you'll figure out the right choice!!

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Thanks everybody!

Liz your house looks like it's in a dream in that photo! That's quite a deck!

Babs - thanks again for the railing idea. We aren't going with the iron sections like you have, but are using bronze colored aluminum ballusters.. so it will be similar in the look.

I think we've decided to go with the pebble color. I want a real wood color which leaves out the sage and merlot, the mahogany looks best for contrast IMO, but we have so many oak trees that in the spring we get 'dusted' and I think it'd be hard to keep the dark color looking good.

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Are you doing it yourself, Lydia? When you're finished, come build mine!

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Heck NO okwriter!! DH did take down the old one, but we are paying to have to new one built.

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DH keeps talking about hiring someone to build ours, too. Somehow, I don't think it will happen this summer...we still have a lot of work to do on/around the pond first. A "dock" comes before a "deck" IMHO.


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