Staining deck for the first time

plfreitagJune 19, 2013

Hi everyone.
I'm going to be helping my son stain a deck this year. Neither of us has ever done it before. We are doing this on a rental property he lives in so we don't know much at all about the wood or any of that; hopefully, this question can be answered around the specifics anyhow.

My son has been told that he has a heavy hand when painting, applying the coats of paint too thick. Now I have no clue how he does it too thickly or how I manage to do it right. Is there a way I can explain to him how to use a lighter technique when applying the stain? We don't want it goopy because a good job will result in him getting a nice break on his rent, as well as the potential for future work with the landlord if he's pleased with what we do.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated. I'm hoping to help him get some increased self-esteem and this is one way I'm trying to get this done. If he can get a sense of a job well done and see that he has the skills to do this as well as being able to judge the thickness of paint or stain it will help his skill set as well as his self-esteem.

Trisha in MO

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Need some more info....or PICS!!...of the existing condition & materials present on the wood now.

Since it's a rental, you'll probably have to steel yourself to possibly of your son being hamstrung by the stereotypical "cheap-a$$" landlords that are all too prevalent. Some LL's wouldn't know the Sistine-Chapel's art from "Elvis-Dogs"!!

The current state of your deck, rel. to the "finished" expectations & budget, will guide most answers here.


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