New Rustoleum Door Paint-anyone tried it???

crissyinchaseburgJune 8, 2009

Has anyone tried the new Rust-oleum Door Paint???

Any comments or suggestions?? I need to paint our steel doors and this stuff looks pretty promising.

I am thinking of having the color custom tinted and I am wondering how accurate the color swatches are.

Any suggestions are much appreciated!!!


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This paint is total garbage. Buy a can of real oil based enamel if you want paint-I'm not sure WHAT this stuff was, but it took another two weeks of work to get back to where we started on the door before we applied it. It flowed badly, it's "open time" was about two seconds...rather like trying to paint a door with chewing gum. when it dried the surface was a complete joke...incidently I have painted HOUSEFULS of trim in my time-I am really good at it.
I think it is paint made with the assumption that we are all too stupid to apply oil based paint and that in our ignorance we will accept any coating that is a pretty color.
Sherwin Williams makes very nice oil based paints, as do other manufacturers.
Regular old Rustoleum was always the go-to enamel in years gone by, but since they now manufacture this kind of crap and foist it off on people I no longer trust them.

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Well put. I now have to sand the chewing gum off!! It dries the minute the brush hits the door! No way to get a uniform brush stroke! Horrible, horrible paint!

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