Painting a dormer room

m_hansen90June 27, 2011

We recently rented a house that has an upstairs loft/attic that's been made into a bedroom/living area. My first idea was to paint the dormer walls themselves a shade of blue. Now, I am thinking that I should just paint the main wall for now, just to get a start without overwhelming myself. The wall itself is one where the two slanted walls meet. I want to paint it a kind of turquoise. It's a pretty color and better than just white. (The whole area is white.) I guess my question here is: Should I paint this wall only, and should I use a lighter color turquoise or a deeper shade? Any feedback will be helpful to me. I've never really had my own area to paint, so I am new at this. Please help. Thanks.

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First, welcome to Gardenweb, m hansen!

I completely understand your desire to do something to the white walls in an empty room. And paint can have a dramatic effect on a room.

Turquoise is a lovely color. But painting the walls or a wall turquoise is going to limit what other colors will work well in the room. Have you thought about what other colors will be in there? And how much time will you be spending in the room?

As for which walls to paint, my personal choice would be to paint the walls and the slanted ceiling all the same color OR paint an accent wall with a reason for accenting that one wall.

Would you be able to take a couple photos of the room and post them here?

One mistake that new painters make is to underestimate how intense a color will be once it is on the wall. Paint chips that look a normal color can look garish on a wall. Paint chips that look like nothing can look fabulous on a wall.

When you select a color, do a google search of the brand and the name of the color. Other people who have used that color will sometimes post comments about it.

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You might want to post this on the Home Decorating forum. You are likely to get more responses.

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Decorating forum

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The reason I had wanted to paint the one wall is because I don't want the room to look too dramatic. I will be spending most of my time in that room. One option I heard of was to paint the one wall a deeper color and leave the slanted walls a kind of neutral shade.

I don't really have much furniture to put in the room at the moment. My thought was to find a color palette for this particular color and work from there. Since I don't really have anything to put in there, I should be able to find things like bedspreads and endtables to compliment the room.

This is the color I was thinking for the accent wall..

Here is a link that might be useful:

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