Stucco foam trim

malibujimJune 10, 2010

Not exactly paint,.....but can't find a forum for this. I am getting ready to paint my stucco home myself and I've been toying with the idea of adding stucco foam trim around the window frames. There are a couple companies that sell it on-line, as a do-it-yourself project. Stryotrim in Sacramento is one I'm looking at. I see a lot of people in Cal. have this done during paint or restucco projects, and a lot of new homes have it around the windows & doors. Just wonder if it is as easy as they say ?

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I've either seem it at Home Depot or Lowes for sale .At least you would be able to sample a pc. before the investment.

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I've had a very bad experience with what your suggesting. i used a commercial styro trim around the windows on the front of our new home. since the durable drivit coating is not available to the diy-er, i found a rubberized coating and applied it. looked great (for 2 weeks) and then strange holes started appearing. had me baffled until one day a wood pecker flew up and started pecking on it. they have now made 2" holes in several places on all the top pieces. i am now in the process of replacing it all which is now taking 3 time longer. hope this helps.

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I too am considering replacing the wood trim with stucco trim. I contacted Stryotrim of Sacramento, however I am not convinced they are the best choice. They could not provide a sample of the product, and they have no refund policy. I also contacte Cyrus Foam products out of the LA area - they were even less responsive.

Not sure of your outcome - but very interested.

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