Problem w/ priming job on custom cabs - need urgent help!

babushka_catJune 11, 2011

calling all painting pro's - urgent plea for help!

i hired a cabinetmaker to build custom cabs for my kitchen. i also contracted with him to prime the doors and drawers with 2 coats of primer and the plan was i would then hand paint the finish coats on the cabinetry myself. the finish coats have not been applied, two issues have developed in the meantime:

1. the cabinetmaker subcontracted the priming out to a shop he uses. within 1 month of delivery of the primed doors and drawers (they have not yet been painted) they developed tannin bleeds. when asked, the cabinetmaker could not confirm what kind of primer was used. he also knowledged that he had some cherry wood left over from a prior job so not all the doors are made of maple as the contract stipulated and that may be where the tannin bleed is coming from.

2. making matters worse, upon inspection of the priming job, it became evident that the first coat of primer is tinted red. while the second coat of primer is white, anywhere the paint is scratched or nicked or thin, the red shows. these cabinets are supposed to be painted a finish coat of benjamin moore white dove. when i asked the cabinetmaker why the first coat is red he acknowledged he did not supervise the painting sub and they probably got lazy and left a pre-tinted red primer in the gun from a prior job for the first coat.

so... need some guidance on next steps to remedy this job.

do i need to sand down all of the doors and drawers to raw wood to get rid of the red base primer coat and then re-prime? or do i just apply a third coat of oil based stain blocking primer?

regarding which oil based stain blocking primer to use - benjamin moore recommended their product "Prime Lock". is that one you would recommend i would use or if not, can you recommend a specific product?

any other things i need to consider (other than never to use this cabinetmaker again?)

thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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I would get the cabinet maker to fix the problem.

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