MoorLife vs Aura or Duration for Exterior

maniJune 15, 2010

We are in the last phases of a major remodel and over the course of this job I've developed a friendly relationship with the painting sub. He's a meticulous guy who takes pride in his work. However, he's clearly old style and prefers oil paints and primers and doesn't really know the latest technology. He really didn't want to use Aura for the inside (preferring BM Super Spec) but because our contract specified Aura he did use it.

Now we are doing the exterior and he really doesn't want to use Aura or SW Duration. I think it's because he thinks it's a waste of his money. He wanted to use Kelly-Moore but I think we've compromised on BM MoorLife, MoorGlo, and MoorGard.

Should I insist on the Aura/Duration? Will my paint job not last as long? This is a medium blue-green tone on mostly new stucco. He's very diligent about priming, etc. We are in a mediterranean climate in northern California.

I've read all that I can find about this but I can't find anything conclusive.

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Wow, Super Spec is a clearly inferior product these days. Not only is it not durable, it's not fun to apply either. For exterior applications, I would say use the best paints available (not familiar with Kelly Moore) and the best primers.

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Exteriors...yes...use the best available!

Aura, Duration, FPE, & C2...some of the best Exteriors available.
Just stay in the top couple of grades and you'll be fine.

The better the paint....the longer it'll last!
(assuming intact substrates that aren't bleeding-out moisture!)


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Kelly-Moore has been manufacturing premium paints since 1946 and is an industry leader in acrylic technologies. Our Acry-Shield products are proven performers and can come with a 10-year written warranty when applied for. You can find us on the web or call our toll-free number for more information.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kelly-Moore Paint Co., Inc.

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