Exterior primers and caulk

jbnimbleJune 21, 2011

I used a GE paintable caulk. I had planned to prime with Sherwin Williams' best oil primer. BUT after caulking, I learned (NOT on caulk tube) that the caulk requires latex primer. So now, I've primed on and near the caulked areas with Kilz best latex primer.

The finish coat will be Sherwin Williams Duration latex.

Question: Is it now better to prime everything (bare wood, sanded painted wood, plus latex-primed caulk areas) with oil base primer, or simply finish all the priming with the Kilz latex primer? (I already have both primers).

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You caulk _after_ priming, not before. Caulk has more stick on paint than to bare wood. Any caulk can go over any primer. Your caulk is recommended to be topcoated with acrylic/latex rather than oil, which is understandable.

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"You caulk _after_ priming, not before."

Not universal. I am using urethane caulk outdoors. The manufacturer says NOT to prime before application. I am sure that the other way around would work. My opinion is that they would rather guarantee sticking to their wide range of specified substrates than to a huge number of possible paint choices.

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Your urethane is more of a sealant than a painter's caulk. Hence the great chasm of distinction. Few people want to caulk with urethane sealant prior to a paint job. It is a far more specialized product and not exactly germane to this topic.

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I have to admit that it is kind of a pain compared to other materials. The biggest problem is that you need to wait a week to paint it. It is nice that you can paint it or not and it is supposed to be more durable than silicone or latex.

I don't see the chasm. The English definitions of caulk and sealant are very similar. What is the difference in your mind?

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

I would ditch the Kilz latex primer and go with the SW oil for starters. The slow dry oil is the only way to prep an exterior for painting. I never herad of a caulk REQUIRING a latex primer.

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