Gnats in my paint!

jessicamlJune 5, 2011

I noticed a few gnats, fruit flies, whatever they are, flitting around when I was priming my cabinet doors, but I wasn't too worried because it was just primer, and none seemed to stick. However, now I've completed the first coat of paint (well, of one side), and a couple flies did stick. I picked them off and only teensy bits are left which I can sand off, but what will I do to keep them out of the final finish? I have a fan going hoping the draft would deter them, but I'd rather not have it going while I'm painting in case it causes my paint to dry too quickly. Has anyone else had this happen? Do you think it would work to place fruit fly traps or bowls of soapy water nearby, or will that just attract more? Aack!

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There has been discussion on the cleaning forum regarding gnats in kitchen areas even when no fruit etc. is around. It has been recommended to let sit, then flush the kitchen sink drains/garbage disposal with ammonia or bleach, soap and hot water. The gnats like the moist areas of the sink traps. It's worth a try!

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Try fly strips, sticky or pesticide-laden. There is a big difference in other strategy for gnats vs. fruit fly control. The first step in any plan is identifying them.

Fruit flys can be attracted to jar with some ripe fruit in it or maybe vinegar, beer or wine depending on species. Make a truncated paper cone with a small opening at the point and put the pointed end in the jar. They can find their way through the hole, but not back out.

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