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joly321December 7, 2008

Hi. I am new to the forum and found it by searching for groups for estranged adult children...I saw Lulusue's response in a forum under Parents that is now closed entitled Estrangement from Adult Children and Lulusue said to contact herethough this website for the URL of the group she started. I would love to find her/group as I am an adult who is going through estrangement from my parents and they have managed to destroy my relationship with my son (tried to take away custody from me but gave up). In any event I found Lulu's member page but there is no contact information. Lulu - if you are reading this can you please contact me here (or if its not possilbe at: with the info.

Greatly appreciated,



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thank you. Just found my way back to this forum- it was difficult!
Happy & Healthy Holidays to all...

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Dear estranged grannie:
Just went to site and it took me back to closed thread where lulusue first posted. (There is a new thread though). This is not what I am looking for as I AM THE ADULT CHILD who has chosen to estrange myself from my parents (they forced the issue) and though I'm grieving every day it is healthier for me. What I am looking for is support for myself, an adult (almost 50) who is estranged from her parents, AND whose parents have caused the estrangement between myself and my 13 year old son. Does anyone know of support group for us?

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Hi Joly,
We're having a pretty good conversation on that over on the "Singles" forum. I pasted the link for you :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Adults Estranged from Parents

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WOW- what to hear what the "other side" says about us on this side? It's amazing how someone who states we should welcome their advice (even though they are not and have never) been in our shoes speaks about our posts...
Over in the "singles" section is a place where adult children estranged from their parents has someone who posts here and there actively making fun of our heart felt emotions. I was amazed. One person said "they say they (us) didn't do anything wrong unless they loved to much" and goes on -how ridiculous we are to "think that."
I really do not understand how people post deliberate painful words-taken out of context and then expect people to listen to their "words of advice." Or to take our post once again out of context and subject them to ridicule...
This is not high school for me-a competition- or certainly a way to expose something so precious to me-to anyone's hateful remarks.
Many of us are women who are hurting and personally I just can't imagine someone would posts our remarks in such a way to inflict more pain upon us...Wow- I guess I'm through-
That is just too much for me.
I'm hope you all have a good Christmas-take care everyone and Thank you for all the support you have so freely given. I really appreciate your kind words, and believe me I've hung on to them all.

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Straycat, I assume you are talking about me when you say "...someone who posts here and there actively making fun of our heart felt emotions".

I'm not making fun. I'm not laughing. And I'm not posting to inflict pain on anyone.

It's an open dialogue.

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Why would you think I was talking about you?
I thought we were hitting it off?

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1. I posted the link
2. I'm the only one on that thread who "posts here and there"

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It seems to me our posts have changed quite a bit....and that many people who were posting either don't post very often or are not posting at all. Any one have any ideas why this may be happening or if they think it is happening?

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I just starting posting in November, just prior to Thanksgiving, so I'm relatively new. I dont' think your message was intended for me though and so I don't know the answer to this. Maybe they are still in holiday mode and don't have time to post. Maybe they will return once the holidays are over....I've found, at least on some other sites that the nature of posts are often temporary...I really don't know the answer. Maybe they've moved on too...

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