khandiDecember 5, 2008

Thought I'd share this little story.

My MIL recently confronted me with something in front of my husband. She said "I have something to tell you and I'm not saying this to hurt you, but you hurt me when you didn't want me to drive "Joanne" (our daughter) to her 8th grade graduation, but you let "Bill" (her godfather) drive her." (This happened 3 years ago!)

I couldn't believe this! I told her point blank "Don't blame me. Blame your son! He's the one who didn't want our daughter with you driving." She looked at him and asked if it was true, and he said yes. Reminded her of the car accidents she's been in before. She said "Oh well, that was a long time ago." Then she changed the subject.

I was somewhat offended that she just presumed that it was me. She accused me of hurting her, but yet when she found out it was her son, she let it go! WTF??

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It's really a shame when someone assumes something of you that isn't true. We all do it yet when you find out that you have accused someone falsely it is sad that you cannot apologize. Perhaps your MIL will reassess her thought process at a later time? I would be ticked and hurt. You just have to shake your head at this sorry about that.

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I shake my head at her all the time! LOL

I know she means well most times, but she's a hard woman to understand sometimes. Even hubby says that, in his opinion, she drove both her husbands to drink because she's so demanding and nitpicking all the time. She's never happy. Always has something to complain about, she lies, she will cuz trouble between her kids and when she's confronted about it, she says she just did it to see what would happen. Hubby doesn't even trust her alone with our daughter cuz he doesn't trust what she might say to her.

Once when we were at DH's sister's house for Easter or something, she listened in on a conversation between my daughter, DH, his sister, niece, and myself when the topic was almost over. She heard like 2 lines of it then said "Holy geez, Joanne needs help!". We all looked at her with puzzled faces LOL DH and sister asked her what she was talking about. DH was so upset that he told her that she had no right saying things like that without even knowing what the hell we were talking about.

Honestly, I put up with her cuz she's my MIL. If it were any other woman, I wouldn't bother with her at all! She's always contradicting herself too when in deep discussions/conversations. DD remarked a few weeks ago how her grandmother "has funny ideas about things" LOL

Poor woman has had a hard life though!

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